October 28, 2009

Some very scary stuff...

Well, not really that scary. In fact, it's not going to be scary at all. I'm just here to tell you a little bit about Claire's plans for Halloween. Specifically, what she has decided "to be" for Halloween. First, a little history for you... dating back to when Claire watched her very first DVD about a year ago. It seems Uncle Franny left a Shrek DVD at our house when he came to visit in June 2008. After Stew discovered the DVD, he informed Uncle Franny that the DVD would be returned "expeditiously" (Stew uses bigger words to try and show off when talking to Uncle Franny, who is an attorney). Unfortunately, Stew apparently thinks "expeditiously" is the same thing as "not in your lifetime". So, we've had a Shrek movie for a little over a year now, and Claire (along with the rest of us) has now seen it many, MANY times. In fact, Claire often yells "Don't be a dragon!" at Stew whenever he directs a breathy growl at her and pretends to be the dragon from the movie (and trust me when I say his fire breath helps make a dead on dragon impression). Anyway, Claire likes to refer to Stew as "Papa Shrek", while Momma is the "Fairy Godmother". As for me, Claire says I'm "the donkey" (referring to the talking jackass voiced by Eddie Murphy in the Shrek movie). As far as I know, the jackass doesn't blog, so at least I've got that going for me. Finally, there's Claire... who likes to say she is "Princess Fiona". And she assigned us all these characters many months ago, so it makes perfect sense that for Halloween Claire has decided to be... wait for it... wait for it...

A robot?

NOTE: As usual, you might want to adjust the volume on your PC downward before watching this short clip due to annoying feedback from Stew's digital camera...

A VERY special "THANK YOU!" to Auntie Karen for designing and sewing Claire's robot costume. It looks great! She also created a princess dress for Claire as a birthday gift (pics to come later). But about the robot costume, Ste
w was in charge of making the robot head out of a box... and he added a special touch with the flashing bachelorette party light he found on sale at Michaels, the arts and crafts store, where creativity happens... also known to be Stew's favorite store in the world. And I should add that Momma found the idea for Claire's robot costume HERE.


Heidi 8:28 AM  

Seriously! How frickin' cute is that??? Love that the light is for a bachelorette party!

Anonymous 9:00 PM  

Great job on the hat!!!
Aunt Karen

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