November 10, 2006

The proof is in the pudding... and on his website.

Today, it was brought to my attention by Aunt Dee (Stew's sister) that the path to the origin of the lovely message entered below does not lead back to one George Carlin. Therefore, I've edited the title of the entry to reflect such. I'm fairly certain Aunt Almita didn't intentionally deceive me (but then again, she could be a cat-lover and I just not know it...).
According to the* website, which Aunt Dee is apparently fond of perusing (after work hours, of course), the piece is titled "The Paradox of Our Age" and was originally penned by a church pastor who will remain nameless on this blog. You see, the pastor was accused of very naughty things (think former U.S. Rep Foley, except worse). If you wish to learn more, then here's where to go: Regardless of its origin, the posting shall remain because the intent of the message is just. For those of you not offended by Mr. Carlin's brand of humor or profane language, you can read his denial as to the authorship of this piece on his own website at If you are one of Claire's grandmothers, then I encourage you to stay away from the link... please.

* is an urban legends reference page


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