March 06, 2007


We've got a meeting with our tax man tomorrow, so Stew needs the computer today. Hopefully, his income last year selling high quality furniture at a modest price was higher than his sales expenses (i.e., buying box lunches for customers so that they'd sit through a long, boring presentation about the latest and greatest chair). The sandwiches were always "gourmet" style, which I think is the same as saying the sandwiches were made on day old bread that costs twice as much as normal bread. Stew once told me, "Bogey, a good chair will sell itself... you just need to show the customer that the competition is selling a polished turd disguised as a chair." Well, I'm not selling you any chairs (or polished turds) today, but here's a sandwich for you. Please enjoy it while you peruse the following clips...

The Word (various clips from The Colbert Report)
"Black Sheep"

The Office Scandal (from web show Good God)

The Business Meeting (featuring Rainn Wilson... AKA Dwight Schrute)

The Televangelist (from Reno 911)... best behavior and no swearing.

Sloths (from Aunt Dee & Cousin Remmy)... if there had been a video production class at Stew's high school, then I'm sure he would've come up with something similar to this...


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