August 31, 2007

Unfair & Unbalanced Friday

Claire is taking a stand against biased reporting by the media!

All the crud that seeped into my brain earlier in the week while watching Fox News 'round-the-clock has finally taken its toll. So, to rid myself of all the partisan poison in my head, I thought I'd post just a couple more Fox News love letter video clips. If there still happens to be a Fox News viewer in my audience (I'm assuming they all left shortly after my February 13, 2007, post), he/she might say these videos are promoted by Left-wing propaganda sites ( or To which I respond that while these could be considered more left-leaning sites, I assure you it's not propaganda. The videos use real footage taken from the Fox News Channel. Also, ask yourself why there are literally thousands of people and groups that slam Fox News on a daily basis for being Right-wing biased (not to mention a White House mouthpiece). And despite my best efforts, I cannot get Stew to stop shopping at Home Depot, a Fox News Channel advertiser. Stew claims there are just too many delightful products there... plus, the one he shops at is located nextdoor to a Petco, where he occasionally buys me a rubber chicken chew toy.

Making the case for war (again)... brought to you by Fox News:

Play the Global Warming Game Show... sponsored by Fox News:

And finally... Miss Teen South Carolina comments on Sen. Larry Craig (brought to you by Mo Rocca 180 Degrees):

"Obviously, the Iraq war is very complicated. It's another reason why Barack Obama's foreign policy inexperience is going to be an important issue in this campaign. You can't have a newbie overthrowing the delicate balance that we have engineered and maintained in this complex region."
- Jon Stewart of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (August 22, 2007)


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