September 28, 2007

THE OFFICE returns!

NOTE: My apologies for the tardiness of this posting. As you might have read, I experienced technical difficulties uploading the video of Claire. I've yet to hear from Bogdana, my Bulgarian tech support gal. Regardless, I figured out on my own that the 42nd try (uploading the video) is the charm. So, read on faithful bloggees...

As you can see, Claire is very excited for the season premier of The Office tonight. She's been waiting all summer to find out what's going to happen on Jim and Pam's date. However, Claire's favorite character is Ryan, the intern... who is now a regional manager. And, Stew's been wearing his Dwight Schrute for President - 2008 shirt all week, but he finally threw it in the dirty clothes hamper this morning. He's now wearing his It's all fun & games until the flying monkeys attack t-shirt. I recently saw his Atari t-shirt stacked on top of a bunch of freshly laundered clothing, so I'm sure the shirt will be back in the rotation before too long.

Anyway, I know there are at least three additional The Office fans out there in my blogisphere, so here are a couple more clips I received from Aunt Dee (Florida) over the last couple months (thanks, Dee!). Enjoy... oh, and don't forget to tune in to the season premier of The Office on NBC at 8:00pm (CST).

The Office - Summer Vacation

The Bourne Ultimatum - The Office version


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