October 09, 2007

Great Faces. Great Places. Claire Stewart!

Just in case this Baby, You're a Star photo contest doesn't work out (click HERE to vote now), Claire is working another angle as a spokesmodel for the South Dakota Department of Tourism (www.travelsd.com). The state's tourism slogan is: Great faces. Great places. South Dakota! I'm not sure if any of you have ever been to South Dakota, but I have... and there aren't THAT many great faces. Not since Momma left the state anyway. Most everybody else looks like Stew (i.e., bewildered). I believe the Great faces portion of the slogan is a take on Mount Rushmore, while Great places could be any number of Stew's favorite locations in his hometown of Pierre (Bob's Lounge, The Longbranch Saloon, the American Legion Cabin bar, Dudley's Valley Tap, The Hopscotch Club, Oahe Lodge, etc...). But, it's obvious to me it's a reference to Herreid, SD (Momma's hometown). Papa often jokes that traveling to Herreid is like stepping into a time warp... you leave Minneapolis on a Friday in 2007, but when you arrive in Herreid it's like 1953. Things move a little slower there, but at least you can get an ice-cold beer at The Water Hole for about $1.50 a bottle... if you can find a barstool. Papa wanted me to be sure to mention that it was my idea to poke fun at Herreid. Stew had nothing to do with it. So, Grandpa Bob and Grandma Helen, please don't cut Stew off from his supply of free, farm fresh beef and pork!

Anyway, I thought I'd post pictures of a few of Claire's favorite places around the house. I'm not sure how I feel about her sitting on my bed or digging in my food dish. Oh well... enjoy!


Mike Rios 10:47 AM  

I've been voting for days now. That picture is awesome and I hope she wins!!!!!! Good luck. Oh, I even have my mom voting. She thinks the picture is adorable. But if Claire has to be the new face of South Dakota, That would be a much needed improvement. Agian, GOOD LUCK!!! Mike Rios

Bogart 5:29 PM  

Mike Rios,

"Your reputation precedes you." I believe this phrase translates to "I've heard about you from others, and I am cautious." Specifically, it's my understanding you (and your pack) are sympathetic to squirrels. But don't worry... I have enough sense to know not all squirrels are bad. Perhaps you live in a neighborhood where squirrels don't torment dogs, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. If such a place does exist, I hope Momma and Stew have it on their "list of places that are NOT Robbinsdale that we want to live". In the meantime, my sincerest thanks to you (and your mom) for your past and future votes for Claire. You are a great American! I owe you a shot from my dog bowl on your next visit to our house.


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