October 03, 2007

Uncle Sam still wants your help

Hey! I'm not sure you've heard or not, but you can vote for Claire in the Baby, You're a Star photo contest (sponsored by baby gear manufacturer, Evenflo).


You might recall from yesterday that Uncle Sam was requesting your help in getting a $10,000 scholarship for Claire (if she wins the photo contest). Well, he still wants you to vote for Claire, so I dug up an old "recruiting" poster I found in the garage (the place where ALL the possessions Stew acquired during his college years preside). Tomorrow, I'll probably post a picture of a couple dusty Carey's Bar beer mugs sitting beside a 32 oz. pink plastic tumbler with Alpha Xi Delta Crush Party- 1988 printed on it. Oh, that's right... Momma made Stew give all those items to Goodwill. Stew still gets steamed by this, especially everytime he opens the kitchen cupboard and sees the half-dozen or so Moorhead State University Dragons coffee mugs staring back at him. You know the ones... the mugs sitting behind the South Dakota Public Health Association mug, which is next to the Herreid Centenniel mug that rests adjacent to the North Memorial Health Center Volunteer mug... You get the picture. Wait. Picture? That's a good idea... take a gander at Linda's collection of drinking utensils that are apparently too important to part with.

Like I'm always tellin' Stew when we're in the garage visiting his stuff and listening to his music on his 1980's era Boom Box that sits in the corner: Life ain't fair, so vote HERE for Claire!


Momma 7:57 PM  

Bogey - As a dog who advocates for unbiased reporting, you will undoubtedly want to hear the other side of the story. I agree that it is unfortunate that not all of the cups could stay in the Stewart household. However, space is limited and a decision had to be made. The decision was based upon the state of mind and manner in which the cups were acquired. Stew's drinking cups were big gulps from Seven 11 and Taco Johns, reportedely purchased after a long night of drinking and "whatnot" in Pierre. My cups, on the other hand, were the result of hard work in education, volunteerism, career and of surviving life in a small town. While Stew may disagree with this approach, I would like to remind him of the 4 (yes 4) plastic beer tumblers from a PGA tournament attended with Uncle Jimmy a few years ago. I judge them every time I open the cupboard, but have resisted adding them to the Good Will bag.

Stew 11:05 AM  

Bogey - Let me be clear. Momma is delirious. And, she has absolutely no math skills. For example, there are only two (2) plastic PGA beer glasses in the cupboard. I was instructed to deposit two (2) of the original four (4) in a Goodwill bag a few years ago. So, it appears Momma is watching too much Fox News and is "spinning" the truth (i.e., outright lying to you with no conscience). Secondly, since when does "court ordered public service that is to be carried out at a local hospital because you pushed an old lady down at a local grocery store because she mistakenly cut in front of you in the checkout line" equate to "voluneerism"? And don't even get me started on the Schaefbauer Family Reunion mug (that matches the 32 family reunion beer coozies, the 4-5 family reunion cookbooks, and the empty 6-pack of family reunion beer bottles we're "saving" in the basement). And the public health conference mug? Seriously? Did she REALLY go there? I used to be a state gov't employee, and I know about these conferences. You show up on the first day to collect your gift bag from the conference registration desk as you're enroute to the hotel lounge for 3 days of solid drinking. Upon your return back to work, you tell your boss "it wasn't the greatest conference, but I think it's worth going to again next year." Enough of this. Now I need a drink!

Love Your Faithful Caregiver,
Papa Stew

Anonymous 12:01 PM  

Momma and Papa Stewart,

I fear that you are scaring your poor Boggie and Claire with this on-line sparring. What must it be like in person - the horror! A note of clarification. My mom was in charge of that very organized, informative, and thought-provoking conference at which Linda received the lovely public health mug. In fact we have a set of 4 (one of which is used to scoop my food). Okay, maybe the other 3 are in a Goodwill box in the garage. We don’t go there much; the line is too long with wives dumping off their husbands old college paraphernalia.

Later dudes! Remmy

Lily the Beagle 4:04 PM  

I know what Linda is receiving for her birthday. And Stew, you asked for it. I have a stock room FULL of logoed items.
Lily's mom

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