November 13, 2007

You want pancakes with your syrup?

Finally... for your viewing (and listening) pleasure, here is a video compilation of Momma and Papa's 3-day tour through Vermont... as they were in search of the perfect maple syrup. And by "perfect", I mean "cheap". I have tons more footage, but I figure just the highlights are enough. Plus, shortly after arriving home from their trip, Stew shot some video footage of Claire not realizing he had rewound the camcorder tape (thereby taping over some of the best video footage from the trip). Regardless, research shows my audience's maximum attention span is 4 minutes 5 seconds, so it's probably for the best. Enjoy... roll tape!

By the way, did anyone hear about the woman who got sued by Prince (or is it still The Artist Formerly Known as Prince)? Regardless, some woman posted a video of her kid dancing (or something) on YouTube, and there was a Prince song playing in the background. The short, little freak sued her! Well, I don't want to get sued. So, I want to tell you all that the song playing in this video is Keep on Rollin' On from the Mango Jam album, Preserves. For those who don't know, Mango Jam is a Minneapolis band, and I strongly encourage each of you to purchase one or ALL of their CD's here. As you've just heard... they really are quite excellent! And I beg them not to sue me. I'm just a dog, and I have no Milkbones to spare.


Anonymous 4:58 PM  

Great job! Love the heart with the shot of the bed and Linda in the hot tub and of course the fountain coke. You and Oliver Stone are tops with those subliminal messages...


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