December 23, 2007

My gift to you and yours...

This year, instead of sending everyone personlized pencils (you know, pencils engraved with your name), I decided to give y'all the gift that keeps on giving. Don't worry, I'm not talking about anything contagious... unless you consider pictures of the cutest and coolest baby in the world "contagious"! That's right, I've finally updated the MY PICTURES link on this site. Specifically, I uploaded about five months worth of Claire photos. Check it out. There are plenty of pictures in there that have not graced the pages of this blog.

In return for my generosity, please feel free to send me a box of Milkbones or a chew toy. Aunt Julie and Lily the Beagle got me a chew toy in the form of a Christmas tree. Please don't tell Bill O'Reilly (Fox News commentator) because I don't want him dragging me into his War on the War on Christmas. He calls dogs like me "secular progressive" and thinks I hate Christmas. On the contrary, I love Christmas... especially my new Christmas tree chew toy. Thanks, Aunt Julie and Lily the Beagle!
UPDATE: A few days ago, I posted some disturbing material provided to me by my Uncle Kermit. One thing I posted was a video of this German guy (envision me pointing my paw in the direction of the photo on your right) lipsyncing to a Jamie Walters song. Since them, Mommy has inquired as to how I know this guy is from Germany, as well as how I know the song is a Jamie Walters song. My response: journalistic integrity. As a journalist, it's my responsibility to present you with the facts, and not facts that I make up on my own to serve my own agenda. This is my personal blog and NOT a Fox News media outlet. So, I visited YouTube and tracked down this guy's personal profile, in which it specifies he's from Germany. As for knowing he's lipsyncing to a Jamie Walters song, I need to point out that I spend a lot of my time during the day watching TV... and the FX Channel occasionally airs reruns of 1990's shows, such as The Heights (a short-lived drama that aired in 1990 and produced by Aaron Spelling). Jamie Walters played musician Alex O'Brien on the show, and his hit, "How do you talk to an angel" was the series' theme song. A few years later, Walters went on to play Ray Pruit in seasons 5 through 7 of Beverly Hills 90210. Ray was a construction worker and the love interest of Donna Martin (Tori Spelling's character) before he eventually cheated on Donna with Val (played by Tiffani Amber Thiessen). And if the cheating wasn't enough, Ray eventually started using Donna as a punching bag before he was sent to rehab and written off the show. Such drama!


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