April 08, 2009


So much for picking an upset for the NCAA basketball tournament. Not only did my team play miserably, but I also failed to finish in the money in the NCAA March Madness pool I entered. And if that weren't enough, Stew informed me that not a single velour track suit could be spotted at the Chaska Community Center yesterday during Tot Time Gym. What is the world coming to? Regardless, I'm stating in right now - I will again pick Michigan State University to win next year's championship (unless, of course, I find a better team after the 2009-2010 season begins next winter).

So not only
am I in mourning over MSU's big loss, but I've also been stewing for the past couple weeks. And by stewing, I mean: an extreme state of worry and mental agitation caused by seeing idiots like Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann consistently given air-time to spew her irrational beliefs that are based solely on GOP talking points as opposed to any sort of fact-based reality (see also Glenn Beck). It actually all started a couple weeks ago when Stew shared with me an email he received warning us about socialism now that Obama was elected (at the time the email was received, Obama had been in office a whopping 28 days). What makes me stew the most about this email (not to mention every single other email ever received from this same person) is that the content can easily be debunked by either visiting Snopes or actually reading something other than www.foxnews.com. I'm not saying you have to agree with everyone all the time, but for Pete's sake educate yourself, people! Otherwise, you risk looking like a huge dumbass (see Michele Bachmann).

So, in light of the fact I have friends in Alaska who tell me their neighbors are cashing in retirement plans in order to buy more gun ammunition... and I have a friend in Minnesota who tells me his dad is stockpiling hand guns
(after watching Glenn Beck rant about revolution for the past two months)... and at least 2/5ths of Stew's family don't even read this blog because I "don't believe the way they do". I thought I'd post the following clip from last night's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I wish I had this clip handy after I read the "watch out for socialism" email Stew showed me a while ago because it cleverly shows the hypocrisy and irrationality of thought the Far Right displays on a daily basis. I'm just so sick of them all and wish they'd hurry up and go build their bunkers in Alaska and stay there (sorry Alaska friends... but the further away from here the better)!

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