July 04, 2009

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Of course, by "everyone" I'm speaking directly to my four faithful readers... as well as anyone else who stumbled upon this blog after Googling the word "awesomeness". This great holiday aside, today is a fairly typical Saturday morning around here. Momma is running on the treadmill downstairs with Claire nearby shooting hoops on her mini-basketball court while Stew's in the kitchen frying up what appears to be several pounds of bacon... no doubt sipping on his homemade iced mocha with extra chocolate syrup. Nothing says "I love my family" like slowly killing yourself with a fat-filled, hypercholesterolemia, exercise-free lifestyle.

Anyway, I th
ought I'd take this time alone to reflect on how great America is. Only in America can a dog have the freedom to blog about important things in life, such as great friends, other cool dogs, an amazing little toddler, an incredible Momma, and an assortment of random douchebags (see also Fox News Channel). And only in America can a one-time small town mayor turned one-term governor have the audacity to think they can run for President of the United States... even though they are the laughing stock of an entire nation (or at least the 80% of the general public that's not 100% bat-shit crazy) because of all the stupid things they've said in the press. Note to any future wannabe politician: you won't be taken seriously if the only thing that ever comes out of your mouth is jibberjabber. And to this day, they still think they are going to save the country and the world and have no idea just how ridiculous they are. I'm talking, of course, of former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura... although, thankfully, he now only gets sporadic media coverage to peddle his latest book OR whenever someone wants to talk about Fidel Castro and Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories. But it has to be said, Ventura was actually a better governor than Minnesota's current one... although that's not really saying much.I'll bet ya thought I was talkin' 'bout our folksy governor to the north, didn't ya? No such luck. But in case you missed it last year, check out THIS old post on my other (virtually non-existent) blog that compares these two cracker-barrel icons of recent American politics. And while you're at it, go HERE to read a Sarah Palin interview from Runner's World magazine conducted/written by a new friend of the family (Dan Simmons).

So before you head out the door to attend your local grassroots Teabagger Party, please remember one thing: don't forget your sunscreen... or your non-partisan anti-Obama sign!

And now, from the "Oh no, he di'int!" department:

Here's a quote I found today from some left wing liberal lunatic.

As Mankind becomes more liberal, they will be more apt to allow that all those who conduct themselves as worthy members of the community are equally entitled to the protections of civil government. I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations of justice and liberality.
- George Washington, First President of the United States


Anonymous 12:53 PM  

Bogart. You CAN'T be serious. 80% of the popluation thinks Palin is a complete idiot? You mean 80% of the American Idol/Michael Jackson funeral- watching morons that also think Obama is a good President or that think Washington was a liberal. Washington was a libertarian. One could argue he was liberal for the time, but would at worst (or best in your view) be considered a very conservative democrat-right of Kennedy.You might want to dig out he old history books, before history was re-writen You are among the 15% that consider themselves liberal. Although it could be slim majority, most Americans views are right in line with Sarah Palin. Had it not been for the beating she took by the media, it would be a vast majority. Truth hurts...

Bogart 3:22 PM  

Dear Anonymous:

Please take a chill pill. I'm rarely serious on this blog. And anyone who knows me - which I'm guessing you don't since you don't have the stones to post your name - knows this blog is hardly a magnet for facts. Then again, I'm either a real blogging dog or possibly a secret agent of the liberal media, so I suppose I'll give you a pass on the "anonymous" attack.

My labeling Washington a "left wing lunatic" was sarcasm because doing so was inaccurate (as you so aptly pointed out), yet he still had some liberal views as noted by the quote... thus the irony. You see, I attempt to use humor and irony in most posts. The humor doesn't always work, but I try. Unfortunately, most irony is lost on the stupid, and you've proven this point for me. Well done!

Moving on... I respect your right to incorrectly brand me a "liberal". Not that it's any of your business, but all voters in this house are registered Independents (Stew, a lifelong Rep until '04, even voted for Bush in 2000). But because we're so sick of right wing "conservatives" and most of the current GOP "leadership", my political rants here tend to lean left. So I accept your label. Forgive me for my liberal views and longing for the resurrection of the middle class.

Anyway, I also embrace my right to view anyone who honestly thinks Sarah Palin is anything other than a buffoon as someone who has their head shoved firmly up their ass. Personally, I don't need the media to tell me what to think about her or anyone, but maybe you do. I made up my mind about Sarah Palin after watching her give a couple stump speeches and seeing the type of people who cheered for her (cue the dueling banjos music). But you sound like a Fox News Channel viewer (I'm guessing Glenn Beck fan?), so you've been brainwashed to think all media other than Fox is evil. But somewhere in the world Hillary Clinton is hearing this nonsense about the media being unfair and is scratching her head thinking "WTF?"

Anyway, the truth does hurt at times, but not as much as listening to Sarah Palin attempt to articulate a simple thought. Regardless, I sincerely thank you for reading my blog!


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