August 26, 2009

It's time for some timely elegance

Momma's been working really hard lately, which is why we're so glad she decided to take a week off of work for some personal time. On Monday, after getting up early to clean the kitchen (isn't that Stew's job?) before taking me out for a walk, she spent the afternoon at a spa. Yesterday she did some more cleaning while Stew was nowhere to be found.But today she plans to spend the day lounging by the pool with Claire (Claire's toddler pool, that is). But I want to do something special for Momma, and she's always talked about getting herself a watch. Being a farm girl, she currently tells time based on the position of the sun in the sky, but that's sort of difficult to do when you're stuck inside the belly of a behemoth health insurance company all day. So, I plan to get Momma a watch from More specifically, I'm getting her a Citizen eco drive ladies watch. Along with a gazillion different features, this particular watch charges in sunlight OR indoors - perfect for Momma. And since Stew will most likely complain if I don't get him a gift, I'm giving him a Citizen brand watch that can tell you the time in 42 different cities around the world. This will come in handy whenever Stew starts retelling one of his old high school basketball stories that are incredibly brutal to sit through. Now, whenever he starts in on one of his stories, we can ask, "Stew, do you know what time it is in Nairobi?" And this should keep him preoccupied long enough to forget he was about to bore us with one of his "glory days" stories. Plus, since Nairobi isn't one of the 42 cities programmed into the watch, it means hours upon hours of peace and quiet for us while Stew fiddles with the watch.

Anyway, I'm sure everyone can think of a reason to buy a new watch, so I encourage you to take some time and check out what has to offer. Now it's time for me to fly. Happy shopping!


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