August 13, 2009


Hosting your blog on --> $0

Having someone as bat-shit crazy as Congresswoman Michele Bachmann associated with your state of residence (but luckily not your voting district) --> A little lost pride.

Listening to Michele Bachmann say ignorant (and usually insane) things on a weekly basis covering a wide variety of topics (from same-sex marriage to
Obama's "un-American ways" to socialism) --> Whatever amount of hair you can manage to pull from your head while simultaneously screaming, "Somebody please shut her up!".

Being able to write this post after learning Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's son joined AmeriCorps - the very program she's continually referred to as a "Re-Education Camp for young people..." --> Priceless!

There are some things money can't buy. And for everything bat-shit crazy, there's Michele Bachmann.


Anonymous 6:08 PM  

Haha, zero comments. How lame is your blog? You haven't one tenth of the class thar Michele Bachmann has. Good luck with that.

Bogart 6:19 PM  

It appears we have a TeaBagger Hick from Oklahomophobia stopping by... and a Michelle Bachmann fan no less. What a shocker! Just don't forget klassy is spelled with a "K" when referencing the TeaBag Queen. And I know you TeaBaggers only recently started getting involved in politics and searching the internet for hot pics of your airhead princess, so you might be surprised to learn blogs are not rated by their number of comments. A blog's popularity is based on number of daily/weekly "hits", of which I get my fair share - not that I have to defend myself to the likes of you. Plus, ANONYMOUS blog comment leavers tend to be major douchebags, and you've proven this point. So in your words - good luck with that.

eric in texas 8:39 AM  

bachmann tells it like it is. too bad the same cant be said for jugears. she has more balls than most men, including you. you are no more than a turd wrapped in human skin. she is a patriot who unlike you and your half breed so called president, loves this country who while stupid and void of common sense allows marxists like you and jugears to say what they think. not a teabagger, just an american who knows socialism fails, always.

Bogart 4:38 PM  

Ahhh, the irony. Here we have an inbred from Texas using a racist comment like "half breed". Let me guess, Eric from Texas - you live in Louie Gohmert's district, right? You must if you're a Bachmann fan. Louie is almost nearly as stupid as she is. And I guess if making insanely ignorant and embarrassing comments gives one big balls, then I'm curious if you have your pants specially tailored to handle your bulk? And Obama is just as much YOUR president as dumbass Dubya was mine. The only difference is Obama has yet to manufacture evidence to lie the US into an unpaid war that has cost thousands of American lives and a trillion dollars in debt (oh that's right, Obama put the wars into the budget while Dubya borrowed from China to pay his defense contractor buddies billions in private contracts). And I don't walk lock-step with Obama or any politician, while I'm guessing you still drive around Texas with your Bush/Cheney bumpersticker proudly displayed on the rear bumper of your pick-up truck (and probably a Confederate flag decal in the rear window behind your gun rack... and are those pork-n-bean stains I see on your white v-neck t-shirt?). And when Obama (or any so-called "elite") sounds as if they are apologizing to the rest of the world for American actions, it's because of ignorant people like you, Eric. We're embarrassed by you and your kind. You're too stupid to vote in your best interest, and instead do the bidding of the oligarchy and big businesses who own congress. They're counting on an ignorant electorate, and they love it when the moronic 20% like you actually speak out about dumbass shit you don't know anything about (like socialism and birth certificates). And for you to speak in defense of Bachmann proves my point that her supporters (and those who support the likes of Gohmert, Palin, King from Iowa, etc.) are fucking ignorant morons (and in your case, we can add "racist"). Then again, your dumbass comment above proves this point for me... so I guess I didn't really have to respond to you at all. Now go be a true patriot and do America a favor by driving that pick-up of yours full-speed into a concrete wall.

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