February 24, 2010

Spa Day

I decided to pamper Claire today with some spa treatments.  Rather, Claire actually decided today would be a good spa day when she chose to ask over and over and over again, "Papa, can you paint my toes?"

We started with a brief Maytag Massage - which involves setting Claire atop the washing machine while a load of colors is agitating inside. Don't worry, Grandmas, Claire was outfitted with her bike helmet, knee and elbow pads. Next we relocated to the upper floor of our little resort for a mineral bath soak, followed by full-body holistic heat therapy (I dried her using the hair dryer) ending with a skin hydration treatment. Claire finished her day by slipping on her pajamas and receiving both a Papa Pedicure - which means there's more nail polish on her skin, the couch and the carpeting than there is on her toenails. Oh, and she also got a manicure. All this took place in the TV lounge where Claire could relax while watching Sweden take on Great Britain in the Men's Olympic Curling competition. What can I say? Claire loves her some curling... plus, it takes me back to many a night spent playing shufflepuck (mini-shuffleboard) at Dudley's Valley Tap in Fort Pierre while Betty brought us ice-cold Grain Belt Premiums from behind the bar. This is where I start to cry because I have fond - although somewhat blurry - memories of certain "special" places back home (the aforementioned Dudley's, The Legion Cabin, Bob's Lounge, Oahe Lodge, behind the Pierre Mall, etc.). But I digress...

Anyway, these Spa Days take a lot out of you, so tomorrow we're going to relax and take it easy.

Here are some pics from Claire's Spa Day. My pics always turn out blurring because I'm using my Fred Flintstone camera - which utilizes a miniature pterodactyl inside the camera body to carve out your photo on a slate of rock. Trust me, this "joke" was funnier in my head than it actually turned out to be on screen...


Brad and Hailey 9:18 AM  

Her nails look absolutely lovely! Great job .. and I liked the camera joke ;)

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