March 12, 2010

Mon momma est allé à Paris, et tout que j'ai obtenu était ce t-shirt stupide!

Thanks to my lovely sister bringing it to my attention, I've now discovered the wonder that is the text translation site, Babel Fish. I've been on there around the clock translating pithy sayings from English to French. In fact, I haven't slept for a day and a half. Thanks, Sis! That said, feel free to copy the title of this post into the site to see what it says (if you haven't already figured it out). Unfortunately, Babel Fish does not yet translate wife-speak into any sort of language decipherable by a married man. Therefore, I still don't know what Linda means when she steps out of our master bathroom and says, "Our bathroom is gross!"  Apparently men and women have differing views on what "gross" means when it comes to the bathroom (aka "the man's sanctuary").

Anyway, Linda arrived home from Gay Paree last night after having her Atlanta to Minneapolis flight delayed twice (I assume some old farts from Fort Lauderdale kept the flight from arriving in Atlanta to bring Claire's Momma home on time). So we all sat around last night at 9:30PM opening gifts from Linda.  I received about a half suitcase of various chocolates, while Claire got a Paris tea set and a bunch of other stuff, including a t-shirt. In return, Linda got to look at the four empty boxes of Girl Scout cookies that arrived Monday. Well, at least they were full when they arrived. Maison bienvenue, Momma! Nous vous avons manque!


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