April 16, 2010

Make hay while the sun shines!

Anyone who knows me knows there's nothing I enjoy more than a good farming adage to help separate the wheat from the chaff (or the sheep from the goats for you New Testament fans). More likely, my fondness for a wise barnyard dictum grows out of being the black sheep of my family - or maybe just the little lost lamb - ever since I apparently transformed into a socialist, commie, anti-American, gay rights lovin' fascist (aka "progressive" for you Glenn Beck disciples). Anyway, I guess you reap what you sow, so I accept whatever label I'm given. But my love of farming expressions didn't sprout until I met Linda - the love of my life, as well as a real farm girl. Note to self: You are going to pay dearly for referring to Linda as a "farm girl", so prepare yourself! Since my four faithful readers are also probably historical scholars, you are all familiar with the ancient custom known as a dowry - the money, goods or estate a woman brings to her husband in marriage. My dowry is a lifetime supply of meat from The Thullner Family Farm in SoDak. My freezer's been chock full of farm-fresh beef and pork since the day I married Linda. And trust me, there's not a smoked sausage available at any store anywhere in the world that can top Cousin Gene's famous recipe! I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth and - fortunately for me - a dowry is a one-way street, so I'm not required to give my in-laws anything other than my undying love and respect (although I'm sure they'd prefer something more tangible and possibly dipped in chocolate). But I need to hold my horses because this post is wandering out of the wagon - or tractor - rut. On to the reason for this post...

To make hay while the sun shines is to do something while you can before the opportunity is lost. And if there's one thing Claire's Grandpa Bob takes every opportunity to do, it's  advocate for family farmers - including local-level cattle and pork producers. That's why we're so proud that Bob received a national award from R-CALF USA (Ranchers-Cattlemen Action Legal Fund, United Stockgrowers of America)"R-CALF chose to recognize Bob Thullner because of all he has done for the cattle industry over the years and for the work he has done as one of the staunchest supporters of this organization," said Johnny Smith, R-CALF founder. He continued, "I have known Bob for nearly 20 years, and agriculture does not have a better friend." We agree, and Claire is so proud of her grandpa that she wanted to pose for a picture holding a copy of the Prairie Pioneer (grandma and grandpa's hometown newspaper). From all of us in Minnesota, we say CONGRATULATIONS, GRANDPA BOB - WE'RE PROUD OF YOU!  
Note: please disregard Claire's hard hat... she was playing Bob the Builder prior to her photo shoot.

And here are a few shots of our little builder wearing my old KI hard hat. KI, formerly Krueger International, is a manufacturer of high quality furniture that I sold at a modest price back in my selling days.  I sometimes had to add a hard hat as an accessory to my trusty blue suit whenever I entered a construction zone. And since nobody at my sales firm wanted to wear anything that's been atop my greasy head, I got to keep the hard hat when I retired.


Anonymous 6:31 PM  

R-CALF is behind COOL (Country of Origin Labeling). Congratulations!!

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