July 27, 2010

what the world eats

Claire's back in preschool this week for another week-long program: Food Fun. A few weeks ago she learned about Crafts From Around the World and brought home lots of handmade crafts and musical instruments, including the infamous Aboriginal didgeridoo... which has mysteriously disappeared. Well, yesterday Claire and her classmates apparently visited France and learned how to prepare an open-face tart called a galette. I fancy myself as an aficionado of sorts on tarts having dated more than a few prior to meeting my lovely wife, yet I was unfamiliar with the galette until yesterday. Claire brought home a Cherry-Cranberry Galette, which she insisted on eating for lunch. However, about two bites in she announced, "I don't like cherry... I want a pancake!" Claire also learned about breakfast croissants and hors d'oeuvres but was not taught about the traditional culture of wine consumption prevalent in France. Then again, Claire has her (honorary) Aunts Susan and Michelle to teach her about "extreme value" wine from Trader Joe's (aka Three Buck Chuck). But by the time Claire is of age to have a glass of wine with the ladies, I'm sure it will be called "Twenty Ameros Carlos" wine. You see, that's what's going to happen after Mexico takes over the United States and the U.S. dollar is replaced by the Amero (conspiracy theorists - and TeaBaggers - can go here to learn more).

I'm not sure where Claire's food journey will take her this week, but I'm hoping she brings home some tacos, burritos or enchiladas! However, since Claire's preschool likes to focus on tradition when teaching about other countries or cultures, I'm concerned the school might send her home with lengua - beef tongue often found in tacos and burritos. We have a little Mexican deli near our home - inside the Gas Depot at the junction of Highway 41 and Pioneer Trail - that serves some pretty awesome burritos and other Mexican fare. And when Claire's (honorary) Uncle Matthew visits from Fargo, we have to go there so he can get his fill of lengua while I sit across the table from him trying to keep from throwing up on myself. I'll just leave you with that image and bid you a Bonne journee!


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