January 21, 2011

Got worms?

The story below is a bit alarming; however, it explains a lot... such as, why a friend of ours - who shall remain nameless (even though I'm pretty sure most people who know Kermit will know I'm talking about him) - can often be found at home, sitting pantsless on the floor while dragging himself across the carpeting It's an interesting article... but be warned those of you who allow your pets to sleep in your bed!


Free Source Codes 12:34 PM  

Puppy watching a film or writing a code.:D

KevinJimeno 7:36 AM  

Don't disturb the boss he is busy on his laptop ...

Credit Score 7:20 AM  

Funny Puppy.. Using Laptop. Is this your puppy?

dog fence 3:32 AM  

awww poor helios!!!! *hugs and tummy rubs from scout's mom*

dog containment systems 10:40 AM  

Poor you! Come here & stay with us. We will play with you.

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