October 28, 2006

A visit from a Muppet Show celebrity?

Uncle Kermit and Aunt Susan came to visit last night. They brought Boddington's, which Stew promptly grabbed before running off and locking himself in the basement for the rest of the night. Aunt Susan also brought a ginormous bottle of Belgian beer with a gnome on the label. She has a gnome obsession, but nobody really talks about it. Her friends think that if they ignore the problem it will simply go away... taking a page from Stew's Handbook on Conflict Resolution. I have concerns, so I've got my eye on her. Anyway, this was the first meeting between Claire and her Uncle Kermit (Mike). We think there's a frat-boy story behind Uncle Kermit's name, but it's probably too inappropriate for this family-friendly blog. Speaking of which, don't even ask me about the nickname, StewDog... just trust it's not what you think (you sick puppies)! So, Claire spent a lot of time getting to know Kermit. After he left, Claire confided in me that she enjoyed his company saying, "...what's not to like about a guy who shares my hair style and is named after a muppet?" The My Pictures link has been updated with more photos of Claire and her visitors.


Susan 10:09 AM  


What could be better than a beer brewed up by a fantastical folk who's sole existence is care, goodwill to all creatures, good humor and jaunty red caps. (Although, the caps are sometimes orange or green.) Besides, you have a way with the gnome folk as well, or is that one perpetually pooping in your backyard just an aberration? Besides that, what on earth are you and Stewie feeding that poor fellow that he's forced to poop perpetually? Please take care of your gnome and feed him some nice vegetables.

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