October 24, 2006

Too tired to blog...

Watching mommy feed Claire is truly exhausting. Thankfully, Linda's taking a much deserved 3-4 hour nap before Claire's next feeding. When Claire isn't eating, she's pretty much sleeping. The good thing is that she only cries when she's hungry, has a wet or dirty diaper, or needs burping... proving she really is daddy's little girl. The only difference is that Stew also cries whenever Linda forces him to watch Gilmore Girls, while Claire doesn't seem to mind nonsensical television.

Today, I posted a link titled "My pictures" over there (imagine me pointing my paw toward the right... toward the LINKS section of the blog). You will find many pictures of Claire and, eventually, other pictures and/or movies of various topics. In the meantime, here's a picture taken last night of Claire and Grandma Helen. I'm also posting a picture of Stew and me watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (no relation). We really enjoy this "fake news" show and how it pokes fun at both political parties (but mainly the Republicans since they've provided the most fodder for the show's writers ever since Dubya took office). And, here's a link to a clip of when Jon Stewart was on CNN's Crossfire: http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2652831
Jon gets into it with the show's hosts about the absurdity of how mainstream media fails to hold our nation's leaders accountable for basically anything. Crossfire has since been cancelled, most likely because the show -- as Jon put it -- "blows." And here's a Daily Show clip of Stewart talking about his Crossfire appearance: http://www.ifilm.com/ifilmdetail/2653047
I find them to be interesting, but I'm just a dog... and a big Jon Stewart fan. If Fox News can get away with calling itself "fair and balanced", then I can say my blog is "even-pawed".


Lily the Beagle 3:02 PM  

Hey rock star... I see you added the superficial to your links section. I plan to take over your blog one link at a time. Please feel free to call me a trendsetter...

(Loved the TV watching photo)...

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