November 12, 2006

Buy these rugs!

Every now and again, you come across a product so fantastic that you just need to share it with the world. Well, I have two such products that have just knocked the socks off my paws... that is, if I were to actually wear socks. But, thankfully, Stew refuses to dress me up in little outfits. The thought of him using me to get a laugh turns my stomach. The mutual respect between us is resolute. Anyway, I'll save the best product for last and will tell you about my squeaky, rubber chicken first. When it comes to squeaky chew toys, I tend to devour them within a couple days. First, I like to infiltrate the toy by locating its weakest point and bite at it relentlessly until the outer covering of the toy has been compromised, thereby exposing the fluffy flesh of the toy. Next, I methodically extract the innards of the toy until I gain access to the actual squeaky mechanism. Subsequently, after toy entrails are strewn throughout both levels of the house, I begin my attack on the squeaker until it's pierced and can only manage to make a pffffff sound when I bite it. At this point, victory is mine! I grab the lifeless carcass of the chew toy and parade it around the house, pausing only to proudly show it to Linda and Stew. If any other chew toys dare venture into my domain, they can see what consequence awaits them! Where was I? Oh, yah... my rubber chicken. This thing is an enigma. I've had this toy for close to four weeks now, and there's no sign of weakness. I can bite it, chew it, shake it and even choke it, but it's indestructible. I can choke my chicken all day long, and it won't break! But, my intent on destruction is unflappable. Victory WILL be mine!

Now, onto the greatest product ever. Drumroll please.... it's these fantastic hand-crafted rugs! I absolutely love 'em! Not only are they beautiful and extremely durable, but they're also hand-made by Grandma Helen and her friend, Darlene. Speaking of Darlene - just between you and me - she's a little crazy, so her and Stew get along famously. Stew really enjoys visiting with Darlene and Helen's other friend, Marilyn, when they come to visit. I think Stew just likes anyone who laughs at his corny jokes... Anyway, back to the rugs! Grandma Helen and Darlene make the rugs on old-fashioned looms, so each rug is one-of-a-kind. How cool is that?!?! We have them throughout the house. When I'm not lounging on the one by the front door, I'm usually chewing on the one in the bathroom. What's great about them, is that they are so durable that my chewing doesn't phase them. And trust me, I've ate a rug or two in my day. So, I encourage EVERYONE to buy at least one of these rugs for your home or cabin. They are hand-made in South Dakota, so you can find them at the Made In South Dakota website:
(I like the canned buffalo meat you can also buy online). After you visit the site, give Grandma Helen a call or send her an email... and tell her Bogey sent ya!

* A percentage of all proceeds from rug sales will go toward dog biscuits for the needy (me)!


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