January 23, 2007

Claire's State of the Union Address

I don't mean to beat a dead horse. Actually, yes I do. Today's episode of Hawaii 5-0 needs to be shared. The story line actually sucked -- an Eastern European tennis team visits Honolulu for an East vs. West tennis exhibition, and Russia's female star decides to defect to America with the aid of her love interest, who happens to be America's male star. Alas, something goes awry and a murder occurs. But fear not. McGarrett and his boys solve the caper in less than 45 minutes. Regardless of the plot, there were two fantastic things about the episode. First, the male tennis star from the U.S. was played by Tim Matheson, who played "Otter" in Animal House, and "Alan Stanwyk" in Fletch (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001513/). A supreme actor and one of my all time favorites! And secondly, Kurt Russell was phenomenal as the male Russian star - complete with Russian accent. Next to his role as "Jack Burton" in Big Trouble in Little China, this was Mr. Russell's finest work (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000621/). Anyway, I fear it was a "you had to see it" kind of moment we had today, so I'll refrain from anymore 5-0 chatter so as not to bore you further.

More good news -- a couple pages of Claire photos were (finally) added today. Check 'em out via the My Pictures link. She started smiling and "talking" a few weeks ago. And, once you're in Claire's photo album, you can also view movies of her (move your cursor over the my shots link near the upper left corner of Claire's photo album - and then click the sub-link albums). Here you'll find a folder titled Claire videos. And, in honor of today's State of the Union Address, Claire gives her very own speech, complete with hiccups. In the future, more movies and photos will be added... not to mention my very own movie folder aptly named Bogey Flicks. And if all this isn't enough excitement for you, I'm happy to report that Claire has finally pooped after a 2-day stand-off with mommy & daddy Stewart. Don't worry because Stew has pictures... just kidding. But, all is right with the world after tonite's poopfest... and I'll be sniffin' ya later.


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