January 24, 2007

Graduation Day

We reached a major milestone today. Claire is graduating from little 5oz. milk bottles up to 8oz. She's very excited at the prospect of moving on to "big girl" bottles. Stew's also quite excited because he apparently thinks bigger milk bottles for Claire equates to bigger boobs for Linda. Sometimes we worry about Stew and his logic (or lack thereof). Ever since Claire arrived, his brain has turned to mush, and he's the biggest boob in the house (except for when Uncle Kermit comes to visit...).

Speaking of boobs... the check-out lady at Target told Stew today that Claire is "a beautiful, little boy." Instead of correcting the woman, Stew thanked her for her compliment and stated that Claire is "definitely daddy's little boy." The pictures show what Claire wears EVERY trip outside the house (her blue fleece outfit, which is her warmest piece of clothing... and extremely cute). The conversation - or interrogation from Stew's point of view - then turned to Claire's age of three months, to which the woman said with a smile and a wink that Claire is "coming along nicely... very proportionate and just the right size." At this point, Stew got nervous and was confused as to if they were still talking about Claire or if the woman was flirting with him. So, when she asked "what's his name?", Stew panicked. He hasn't had a female flirt with him since 1989, so he wasn't completely sure she was actually asking about Claire. What if he tells her the name is "Mr. Happy" and she's still talking about Claire? So, he reluctantly said "Claire?" (as if asking the lady if this was correct). "Oh," she said, "what an odd name for a little boy... is it a family name?" Desperate to get out of the store, Stew replied "Sort of... my wife's family is Comanche Indian, and Claire is Comanche for 'he who pulls buffalo skin over other's eyes'." With that, Stew took off for the door before the woman could say anything else. Here's another picture of Claire in her little boy outfit. I can't get enough of her!


Anonymous 9:11 AM  

Did you change part of your Target story or is my home computer possessed?!

Bogart 9:42 AM  

Ummmm... yes, I did. After a good night's sleep, I remembered the facts of the story more clearly and updated the posting accordingly. Nice catch. You must be extremely busy doing whatever you do to have re-read the story. Nonetheless, I'm very grateful and appreciate your patronage. Woof.

Anonymous 11:53 AM  

Yes, I'm pathetic...but a fan nonetheless.

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