January 30, 2007

Run, Forest... run!

Well, today's the day Stew finally hops on the treadmill in the basement to start his quest to drop 20 lbs. He's a little insulted by my Richard Simmons comment in yesterday's post. But, I'm sure he'll get over it. Lucky for me, Stew doesn't own candy-striped silk running shorts or any tank-tops decorated in glitter, so I only need to put up with his disgustingly pale chicken legs for a short time. I'm confident he can't last longer than 10 minutes on that thing anyway ("that's what she said..." - for you The Office fans).

An interesting fact about Richard Simmons -- interesting to me anyway -- is that he was born in New Orleans... same as me. Also, he has never been married, which is sad. He's very successful and would be a fabulous provider (like Linda). You can learn more about Richard Slimmons and his fascinating life by visiting his website http://www.richardsimmons.com. Stew was an ardent devotee of The Richard Simmons Show when he was home sick from junior high school (the Emmy Award-winning show aired between 1980-1984). Stew claims there were occasionally scantilly-clad ladies frolicking around on stage, and that's apparently appealing to a teenage boy. I don't get it myself, but then again I don't have my "man peas" anymore, so I can't relate.


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