February 23, 2007

The Claire Stewart Experience

Grandma and Grandpa are coming from the farm for a visit, so Stew's got me doing the usual routine - running around the house picking up crap and stuffing it into any available closet and/or drawer. He wants to give the impression that he can keep a clean house. Let's just hope neither Helen nor Bob decides to open the guest room closet... they're liable to have a mound of "stuff" spill on top of them.

So, since I don't have a lot of time today, I thought I'd just post these pictures of Claire doing her best Jimi Hendrix impersonation with Stew's strumstick. The strumstick is supposed to be the easiest instrument in the world to play, which explains why Stew's sits in his closet... right next to his set of bongo drums and his harmonica (http://www.strumstick.com). Anyway, due to it's location in Claire's nursery, Stew has transferred ownership of his closet to Claire. So, when Claire saw all the instruments, she decided to take up the strumstick first... you can already bet on seeing future bongo pictures. Claire seems very excited about the strumstick, especially the prospect of becoming a guitar virtuoso like her hero, Jimi. She's mostly worried about her ability to grow an afro comparable to Jimi's. But, as you can see, she's already mastered the ability to play the instrument with her mouth. And, we have an agreement that she won't actually start the strumstick on fire (like Jimi used to do in his act) until she's at least 4 yrs old. Lastly, Claire and I have already had the talk about the dangers of illicit drugs, and Claire tells me that she's "high on life just groovin' to my tunes, man... can you dig it, dog?" So, I assured Claire that I, in fact, CAN dig it... and that I often do. Speaking of dogs, somebody is barking in my ear to get crackin' on my chores. Have a fantabulous weekend, especially you crazy cats.


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