February 22, 2007

I'm too sexy for my cat

If you're like me, then you're a huge fan of the 1990's super-group Right Said Fred (http://www.rightsaidfred.com) and their song, "I'm Too Sexy." And, if you're like me, you have four legs and can lick yourself. So, I'm going to go out on a limb and just assume there's only a handful of dogs (and possibly a couple contortionists) who "subscribe" to my blog. The rest of you regular humans likely don't appreciate the lyrical prowess of this powerhouse group. Fifteen years after the release of their worldwide smash, “I’m Too Sexy”, Right Said Fred has transformed itself into one of the most exciting pop bands of the new millennium. Their music features more hooks per square inch than a fisherman’s tackle box. Band mates and brothers, Richard and Fred Fairbrass, inhabit their own musical world, creating little slices of pop heaven filled with delicious melodies, gorgeous harmonies and uplifting grooves. There's also a third guy in the band, but nobody really gives a rip about him or his squirrel's nest hairdo. The band broke up for a little while after they hit a lull in record sales (from 1993 through 2003), but they eventually found success in Germany. You've gotta love those crazy Germans. I thank them everyday for making David Hasselhoff a rich man. Nobody deserves to be a millionaire more than the ultra-talented "Hoff," except for maybe William Hung (http://www.williamhung.net/movie.cfm?movie=shebangshi.wmv). But I have to blame America for Mr. Hung's success. The American dream has turned into a joke, especially since the advent of reality television. The fact that I know who Lauren Conrad is makes me ill (she play's herself on MTV scripted-reality shows, Laguna Beach and The Hills). Momma and Stew are MTV reality show addicts. I'm not sure why they watch the shows because all they do is scream "you're a [bleeping] idiot!" at every character that appears on the screen. Ms. Conrad even has her own website now (http://www.laurenconrad.com), which both amazes and disgusts me because her and her "co-stars" are all a bunch of 18+ year old spoiled rich kids with low self-esteem and extremely inflated egos. How does that happen? So, apparently, in order to become famous in America, you don't need talent. Instead, you need to know how to market yourself in a way that gives the appearance that you have talent. And then you have to be overly-confident in your pretend talent so that the media is tricked into thinking you have real talent so that they promote your pretend talent as being real. Then, the general public becomes brainwashed into thinking "wow, he must be real talented to be getting this much media attention" because they see your face and name everywhere they look. Take Britney Spears, for example. She was fairly talented as a child. She could sing and dance. But let's face it, some of those Mickey Mouse Club kids weren't any more talented than most kids the same age... it's just that they were nerdy enough to actually want to sing and dance instead of go to the mall to play video games, or experiment with cigarettes in the alley behind the neighborhood grocerette. But compare Britney to either Christina Aguilera (Stew's girlfriend) or Justin Timberlake today. There is no comparison because Christina and Justin have real talent, and Britney was exposed for the fraud she is. Her singing voice reminds me of a wounded rabbit or a pesky insect. There is no logical reason she should be selling millions of records, and her decline in sales in the last few years proves this. Obviously, Britney has had a run of bad luck lately and is in a tailspin. Let's all hope she gets the help she needs, but let's also all hope she finally retires afterwards. She has enough money, and if there's one thing we've all learned these past few weeks it's that hillbillies and money do not mix.

Now, back to Right Said Fred... I brought them up because I caught Claire and papa Stew singing "I'm too sexy for my bath" the other day. I thought it was simply adorable, so I asked Claire to pose for a photo. She likes to make motorboat sounds quite often, so there's a chance she'll grow up to be a singer... we'll just have to wait and see. If she has Stew's dancing talents, then she'll grow up to be quite a break-dancer.


Anonymous 10:57 AM  

Despite your continued predjudice against cats, I feel compelled to comment today. Maddie and Ellie's dad used to sing "Soap Time" and "Rinse Time" to the tune of "Hammertime" during bath time. So I can feel your pain.
Still stalking,
Lexie the Cat

Anonymous 12:02 PM  

"Let's all hope she gets the help she needs, but let's also all hope she finally retires afterwards."

Almost made me wet my pants :-)


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