March 30, 2007

2006 - Year of the Dog

As I'm sure everyone knows, according to the Chinese Calendar, last year was the Year of the Dog. And, speaking as a dog, I can tell you it was quite a fantastic year for my family. Not only did Stew sell a boat load of high-quality ergonomic task chairs at a modest price, but Claire also joined our little family... and I'm sure Momma did something to help her company achieve a gazillion dollar profit. So, in honor of the Year of the Dog, I took the liberty of shooting a few photos of Claire posing in her Est. 2006 - Year of the Doggie t-shirt that Aunt Susan and Uncle Kermit designed for her. It's still a little too big for her, so you can't see the little doggie very well... so, sue me! And, after Stew discovered my little photo shoot, he made me jump into a shot. As you can see, I am not amused because the flash bulb does a number on my eyeballs, but I'll do anything for my little Claire!

Yesterday, a package arrived from Aunt Dee in Florida. It contained a stuffed Easter Bunny for Claire, and a chew toy shaped like a bone for me (or perhaps I got the gifts mixed up, and I'm supposed to tear apart the fluffy little stuffed Easter Bunny?). Either way, just give me time. I will find a way to devour each and every stuffed Easter Bunny that makes its way into our house (as some of you know, I was framed by the Easter Bunny last year and was incarcerated for eating Linda's tulip garden... but I saw the Easter Bunny do it, and payback will be mine). Anyway, I shot a couple photos in honor of Aunt Dee. And, speaking of Aunt Dee, I recently conducted a little research on the Google search engine. Basically, I Googled "stay-at-home-dog blog" and discovered that on November 16, 2006, at 9:25AM, someone named "Dee" nominated MY blog for a 2006 Weblog Award in the Best New Blog category. Now, I'm assuming this was Aunt Dee from Florida (Stew's sister), as opposed to Aunt Dee from Rosemount (one of our bestest friends in the whole world who lives in the Twin Cities). Forgive me if I'm wrong, but either way -- THANK YOU, AUNT DEE! I've very grateful for your love and support, and the feeling is mutual! By the way, I don't think I won anything since nobody contacted me. Oh, well... it's on honor just to be nominated (but winning would have been real cool).

My favorite celebrity dog is Triumph, the insult comic dog. He appears most frequently on Conan O'Brien's late night talk show, but you can also find him on Comedy Central if you have cable (just stay clear of the MTV channel just three clicks up from Comedy Central... MTV will rot your brain, and I submit Stew as proof). Some of the Triumph clips are about 10 minutes long, but they are worth it. Triumph is a witty fellow that I enjoy very much, so I hope you do, as well. Following Triumph are some random clips I found. Happy weekend to you.

A report from the Westminster Dog Show presented by my hero - Triumph, the insult comic dog:

More Triumph, reporting from a New Jersey Bon Jovi concert:

And more Triumph, speaking to a group of Republican Congressmen about global warming (er, uh, make that global "climate change"):

Lastly, a classic Triumph reporting from a Star Wars movie premiere:

There once was a time when you could trust the news...

A bit from the late Richard Jeni, where he points out the flaws of both political parties (warning: this clip contains the f-word one time... when Richard is referring to Right Wingers... otherwise, I think it's clean):

Where is this church? I'd like to join... looks like we're moving to Brooklyn:

Thanks, Toot-Tone!


Joey Infortuno 2:13 PM  

Thanks for the links! -- JibJab Team

Bogart 4:55 PM  

Ummm... you're welcome? You must be stalking me. I know you are really Lexie the Cat, but nice try "JibJab guy"! But, I do enjoy the JibJab site.

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