March 28, 2007

Bust a move!

After finding the clip below, Stew has BIG plans for Claire once she's a little older... and can actually walk. You see, Stew's dream is that one day - in about 20 years - Claire will carry on the tradition of performing Stew's break-dance routine to the Young MC song, "Bust a move!" at each and every wedding she attends.

A bit of advice for anyone out there planning to invite Stew to a wedding in the near future: Hire a live band. Do NOT hire a DJ. A DJ will surely spin the Young MC hit, and Stew will most certainly... Bust a move. And trust me when I say you do NOT want to see that happen on the most special day of your life. Now, here's the clip that's got Stew searching the basement for his boom box, parachute pants, and large sheet of cardboard...
(for those who don't know, you cannot officially break-dance w/o doing so atop a large sheet of cardboard...)

Oh, and here's just more evidence showing dogs save lives...


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