April 11, 2007

Feels like a Lewis Black day...

The weather sucks, so I'm stuck inside all day. Plus, Stew just broke the hot water faucet on the kitchen sink, so now he's a raving lunatic. He's ranting on and on because he can't figure out how to fix it, and he just knows Momma will insist upon hiring a plumber when Stew is perfectly capable of... oh, heck, what am I saying? We all know Stew will either procrastinate fixing the faucet, OR he'll completely destroy it to the point that a plumber's expertise is required. The only good news today is that Stew will be attending a Timberwolves' basketball game tonite with Uncle Jimmy (even though the 'Wolves also suck, at least he'll get to see the Dallas Mavericks play -- and the Mavs are quite good again this year).

So, since I'm feeling grouchy, I thought I'd post a couple clips of one of my favorite comics, Lewis Black. For those unfamiliar with Mr. Black's work, you need to know he is not afraid of using profanity. Therefore, the following clips are rated "E" for "Everyone, except grandmas". I posted this rating in the past, but Linda still forwarded a profanity-laced video clip to a co-worker. In her defense, Linda stated "I didn't read the entire rating..."

Lewis Black on Dubya, John Kerry, the 2004 Presidential election, and other stuff...
Lewis Black on smallpox and greedy people...


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