July 26, 2007

Sell out

The online Free Dictionary (www.thefreedictionary.com) defines "sell out" as: To betray one's cause or colleagues. Well, I admit it. I'm a sell out. It's true. I recently sold my soul... and part of my blog... to the highest bidder. Well, not exactly to the "highest bidder." Rather, to advertisements that I sought out. You will notice there are now ads above my postings, plus a Google search bar, as well as a button to Get Firefox with Google Toolbar. However, I'll never see a dime (which is way more money than I actually expect to earn with this stuff) if you - my faithful bloggees - don't "click" on the ads or use the search box. I'm not supposed to direct you to the ads and ask you to click on them, so let's just pretend I didn't just do so. However, since I do use Mozilla's Firefox (with Google Toolbar), I can - and DO - encourage you to click on the link and download the Firefox web browser (unless you are a grandparent with an older computer... I am NOT available for technical support in the event of any download issues). And if you don't know what Firefox is, allow me to explain: it's a web browser... the same type of thing as Microsoft Explorer or Netscape (which, I'm assuming, your computer already has installed on it). But, Firefox has several advantages over other browsers, which is why I choose to use Firefox. First, Firefox has a spokesmodel, who is supposedly a friend of Stew's (according to him, that is). Secondarily, Firefox has more security than Explorer (Firefox blocks many websites from trying to install spyware onto your computer... Firefox has a very good built in pop-up blocker that blocks all those annoying pop-ups when you open a web page... Firefox is easier to use and functions better on older or slower computers... and it has a lot of advanced features I won't get into because you are already starting to fall asleep reading this... plus, it’s FREE).

Anyway, even if you download Firefox, you will still have Explorer or Netscape (or whatever) on your computer. So, you can still elect to use a different browser as your default and switch over to Firefox at any time. Just give it a try and see how you like it. In the meantime, I'll patiently await the 3.5 cents I'll probably earn for each "click" and/or download you make. Drinks are on me in a couple years after I earn enough to buy a round.

Until then, I've also been applying for "professional" blogger jobs. Stated differently, I'm researching other sites where they want people (or dogs) to manage a blog. I just need to find a topic that interests me. I've also suggested to several sites that the topic of a stay-at-home-dog has yet to be discovered anywhere else on the internet, so it would be a groundbreaking move on their part to pay me. Alas, so far no bites... but I'm optimistic since I've only just begun my search. I'm also creating a portfolio of headshots that I'm showcasing in this blog entry. I'm starting with the homeless chic look... please let me know how you like 'em. In the meantime, throw the dog a bone and visit the ads... use the Goole search box... and download Mozilla Firefox. Much obliged.


Anonymous 4:40 PM  

You're no sell out - you're a creative mind seeking compensation. Worker dogs of the world unite!

Captain Theo, friend and fellow brother in the pursuit of the American Dream...and kibble

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