September 21, 2007

Who's your daddy... Part "Who cares?"

Some of you might recall that several weeks ago Momma and Stew sent away for DNA tests to determine my breed (or, at the least, to find out what breeds make up my mix). I presented you with a list of 38 possible breeds from which to choose... that is, if you wanted to submit a guess as to my heritage. We already knew that I'm a Creole from New Orleans, but we were interested to learn if DNA tests could tell us what exact breed(s) make up my mix. Momma guessed I'm part Saint Bernard, while Stew thought I must have some German Shepherd in my blood. The rest of you didn't really seem to care since only Aunt Karen and Aunt Dee (Florida) submitted guesses (Thank you, ladies). You know, it's really heart-warming to see how many of you really give a squirrel's ass about my heritage. Seriously. Your disinterest means the world to me.

So, as my way of showing you how much your indifference truly means, here's a little video Claire helped me create to present you with the results. Enjoy... suckers!


Anonymous 7:53 AM  

You are so lucky to have that cute little Claire at your house. The kids at my house just run around and bring their rowdy friends over. I was disappointed because there was actually no news... As a plain old boring American Shorthair, I'm envious that there are so many different varities of dog breeds.

Bogart 9:08 AM  

Yes, I feel extremely lucky having little Claire here. Especially since she's so accomodating whenever I want to shoot some video footage. Regarding the lack of any news on the DNA results, the video is my way of showing the same level of disinterest in revealing the results that my "faithful" bloggees showed when given the opportunity to guess my breed mix. I considered a Sopranos' ending to the video (a Journey song playing then go to black just before showing what's written on the document). But I didn't want anyone to wonder if I got whacked. Truth be told -- I will live on forever because I have good genes... but you folks will never know from which dog breed(s) I got them! [insert sinister laugh here]


Anonymous 9:37 AM  


I think you should be proud of your Creole heritage. It makes you unique.
Aunt Karen

Anonymous 3:00 PM  

Very clever video, Bogey. You should consider a career in Hollywood. BTW: while we may have never submitted our answers via the blog, Dee and Julie were constantly chattering about your lineage with your mom ... Julie buys into the st. bernard, lab, and something with a fluffy tail camp. Personally, I just think you are all man. Well, neutered man. But you get the point.

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