September 18, 2007

A dog's life

My little gal pal, Lily, came over for a visit last Thursday. Using my mad powers of persuasion, I managed to talk her into spending the night (we slept in separate rooms, of course... nothing inappropriate here). As usual, Stew broke out the camera and shot a few photos of the event. The photo at right is all us kids watching Momma head off to work Friday morning. After taking the photo, Stew retired back to the bedroom leaving me to feed Claire and our guest. Typical. As usual, Stew graced us with his presence again just before his story, Days of Our Lives, aired at noon. Stew likes to catch the final showdown on Family Feud before watching his soap opera. He doesn't understand how any family could possibly NOT win the $20,000 prize in the Lightening Round at the end of The Feud. His theory is that if your family can't come up with the #1 answer to questions like, "Name a household appliance used to open cans of food," then you and your stock should be trimmed from the herd. I think Stew's secretly signing our family (and himself) up for game shows, but I can't confirm this to be fact... so, stay tuned. Stew's second theory on game shows is that if you act like a total idiot in tryouts, you clearly enhance your chances of appearing on the show (source: Deal or No Deal). Anyway, the photos at left were taken Friday after lunch when Stew refused to let Lily and me back in the house. It's a power trip for Stew. He often taunts me for not having opposable thumbs and, therefore, lacking the ability to grasp objects (or open doors). He doesn't have much else to point to, so I allow him these little victories. Stew has a nasty habit of building himself up by breaking others down. He often teases Momma, but it doesn't phase her either. She simply points out to Papa Stew that he's "being a douche bag", at which point he droops his head, pouts and leaves the room.

So, back to Lily... the Mr. Mom movie clip below reminds me of when Momma and Papa fight. But it's also reminiscent of when Aunt Julie picked up Lily on Friday. Specifically, there's a part in this clip referring to Mr. Mom (Michael Keaton) wearing the same shirt for several days in a row. Coincidentally Stew does this, too. He'll wear his Atari t-shirt for a week or so, then switch to his GI Joe t-shirt for another week... and the viscious cycle continues. But he made a point of wearing a pullover on Friday when Aunt Julie came to pick up Lily so that she (Julie) wouldn't notice Stew was still wearing his Thursday outfit. But, I'm a bettin' dog, and I'm willing to wager Julie figured it out based on Stew's disheveled appearance (not to mention his scent).

And, finally... here's one of my own videos showing Lily probably didn't totally enjoy her visit to our pad. Claire, on the other hand, had a blast getting to know Lily.


Anonymous 8:05 AM  

My mom has met this dog Lily. She thinks that perhaps Stew has drugged her. Either that, or Claire has some sort of strange dog whispering capabilities. She has never been seen sitting still and looking calm for 3 minutes at a time. Hey Bogart - did Stew ever get your blood tests back? My mom has been wondering about your lineage.. (PS. When Stew has the camera out, do you always look so bored? Or is that your on-camera persona?)

Lexie Cat

Bogart 8:28 AM  


Allow me to first address your comment about my bored expression. The description I prefer is "forlorn". This is the word my Grandma Stewart used to first describe me. She apparently thought I was beaten as a puppy. However, I need to point out that I am a Hurricane Katrina survivor. If you were found huddled with nine other puppies (or kittens, in your case) under a porch of an abandoned house in the Big Easy, don't you think you'd look a little forlorn? As for Lily, I simply gave her a little acting direction. She's a natural and loves the camera (and, obviously, the camera loves her). Lastly, the DNA tests are back. Stay tuned for a posting in the near future. As always, despite your feline species, I sincerely appreciate your patronage of my blog.


Lily the Beagle 2:53 PM  

Nice work, Bogey. Now Julie seems to think that I should behave this way at home ALL THE TIME! Who will protect our house from varmits if I just sit in my crate all day? I mean, really, I was on vacation at Casa Stewart. Doesn't everyone relax a little bit on vacation? Sigh. This is going to take weeks of obsessive barking to overcome.

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