September 13, 2007

Bathroom humor

Another quick post. That makes two in one day. You should feel very special.

Anyway, Stew left the bathroom door open this morning. That's what is commonly referred to in our house as a "no-no". In fact, most anything Claire does these days elicits a "no-no" response from either Momma or Stew. Me? I get nothing but praise... from Momma, that is. Stew, on the other hand, can only manage to ask me if I want to "go outside?" Otherwise, he doesn't have much to say to me. But that suits me just fine as I don't have much to say to him (except when I need to go outside).

Here's Claire dashing from our lovely pink upstairs bathroom (Momma calls it "retro" in order to feel better about having a crappy pink bathroom... pun intended). The second photo was taken after Claire got busted fleeing the crime scene...


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