October 18, 2007

I need some time off...

Claire had a rough birthday, but she survived. As previously reported, Claire injured her head while falling into a wall, thereby leaving a big red mark on her forehead. As if that weren't enough, Claire (might have) burned her finger after sticking it in the burning flame of one of her birthday cake candles (cake compliments of Aunt Karen Creations). Claire either burned herself OR scared the dickens out of herself... either way, she was screaming... and Stew was crying! And to top off the day, Claire bit (and cut) the inside of her lip just before bedtime. All in all, it was a tough 1st birthday. But Stew - always the optimist - suggested that having birthdays like this will only make Claire stronger in handling her future 21st birthday.

So, I'm taking a few days off while Stew and Momma travel around Vermont. Speaking of Vermont, Momma went to the Emergency Room last night after badly twisting her ankle while walking to her car after leaving work. No breaks... no crutches... just a swollen glob of gooing ankle. Looks like Stew will be carrying Momma around the mountain paths on his back like an ass (or is it burro?). Anyway, I'll report back next week. In the meantime, enjoy a photo of Claire -- who is now an official One Year Old!


Anonymous 10:16 AM  

I know Bogart and Claire will take good care of the Grandmas while Linda and Stew are away.

Anonymous 10:17 AM  

What a cool cake!!!

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