October 24, 2007

Pretty as a postcard

Well, at least Momma looks good in the photos. Stew, on the other hand, needs some serious work done. Anyway, now that Momma and Papa have returned from their trip to Vermont, I can resume my blog posting. Yes, indeed... you ARE lucky people. I'll begin with a little photo taken by Stew somewhere south of Montpelier, the capital of Vermont (for those who cannot recall their 4th Grade geography lesson on state capitals). The second photo shows land (and horses) owned by the resort where Momma and Stew stayed in Stowe (http://www.topnotchresort.com/). Par for the course, it was cloudy everyday of their trip, except for Sunday... the day Momma and Stew returned home.
In typical Stew fashion, he created an itinerary for each day of the trip that mainly involved driving around in a rental car and looking at stuff. They visited towns like St. Albans, Northfield Falls, and Felchville (which held its annual town celebration just the week before their visit). Stew texted me a few observations he made during his travels, including the fact that each and every town in Vermont apparently has it's own "country store", a fleet of Subaru Outbacks, and at least one Dunkin Donuts shop. Plus, Stew reports that Vermont gas stations do not sell fountain soda pop. Finally, at the very last gas station they visited, Stew was able to locate a fountain pop dispenser. He was so excited he made Momma pull the car over and take a picture of him holding his 48oz fountain Coke while wearing his Dwight Schrute for President t-shirt.

I'm still in the process of editing and uploading all the vacation photos to the MY PICTURES link over there (picture me pointing my paw in the direction of the rightside of your computer screen). In fact, Momma even took part in a hair product photoshoot for Pantene. Notice how rich and full of volume her hair is in the photo...

Anyway, I'll post a couple other Vermont photos below while I continue creating an online photo gallery. But first, Aunt Karen sent a photo of Claire. The photo was taken after Claire spent a day with her grandmas, who obviously wore Claire out. Momma, Stew and I are all extremely grateful that Claire was so well taken care of these last few days. Plus, I got two square meals each day because nobody forgot to feed me. Ask me if I got my breakfast this morning now that Stew is back in charge...


Anonymous 5:31 PM  

Wow - Linda is totally beautiful. Stew, you are a lucky man!


Bogart 11:33 PM  

Yes, Stew has clearly let himself go. And let's be honest, he's passed the point of no return. The best Momma can hope for now is that Stew doesn't become even more bloated or leperous. I mean, seriously, just look at his crooked teeth and blotchy skin. He's lucky to have female companionship at all. On behalf of everyone, Veronica, I want to thank you for (indirectly) pointing out just how hideous Stew really is. He is, indeed, a lucky man.


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