November 08, 2007

Got milk?

It seems I got a little off track the last couple days having not posted any pictures of Claire. So, to make up for it, here are a couple to end the week on a good note. A high note, if you will. The first couple are of Claire carrying around her empty milk jug, as you can clearly see. What's not so clear is me cowering in the background... with my eyes glowing like some sort of devil dog. But trust me -- I'm not some vicious, evil beast. I'm actually scared out of my gord of Claire. You see, she likes to crack me over the head with anything within her grasp, and I'm particularly fearful of all things large and plastic that once held liquid. I don't know what it is. No, scratch that. I know EXACTLY what it is. It's the hellish "THUD!" I hear reverberating inside my skull each time a jug comes crashing down upon my head. You'd think it'd hurt more than it does, but it still scares the life out of you!

Now for some fun Fox News tomfoolery. Here are two pictures containing a total of three images. See if you can tell which image is that of Fox News Contributor (and neoconservative tool), Charles Krauthammer. Oh, and he's a columnist for The Washington Post who might have won a Pulitzer Prize 20 years ago. I happen to think he's a real-life zombie that eats small babies and large breed dogs. Anyway, Claire and I are giving our best Charles Krauthammer impersonations, so good luck figuring out who's who. Here's a clue: Chuck is wearing a tie and is neither a really cute baby nor a ruggedly handsome dog with piercing brown eyes that you can't see because I'm impersonating Charles Krauthammer. Claire hasn't quite gotten the Charles Krauthammer sleepy-eye look down yet, but she's close.

And, finally, here are just a couple shots of Claire being totally awesome. She has a fascination with the toilet, not to mention running around the house with either a shoe or sock in her hand. The naked thing is only at bathtime, and she usually doesn't get the chance to run too far. As you've seen, Claire is typically dressed (in the same outfit... bib overalls and a pink sweatshirt). I remember when I used to run at bathtime, but doing so only made Stew yell at me. So, now I just hop in the tub and commence shaking immediately. Speaking of Stew, ever since Claire's been big enough to sit in a booster seat and feed herself, I've eaten A LOT better. That's right... I'm still only getting about one square meal a day out of Stew.
Thank goodness Claire's a messy eater or else I'd look like this guy...


Anonymous 8:04 AM  

If Claire can be trusted, you should encourage "Naked Time" at your house. When Maddie and Ellie were little, my mom and dad felt like they needed some non-diaper time, so before pj's every night they got to run around naked. They never had any accidents, so it was great fun for everyone. (Ask Aunt Julie - she got to witness the hilarity). In my opinion, mom and dad were just hoping to get any streaking urges out early - better to have your twins running around screaming and naked at 18 months than 18 years...

Off to snooze in an empty bunk bed,

Anonymous 4:17 PM  

Oh, my God! The picture of that dog at the end totally freaked me out. I think I'm blind now. Holy Crap. Really, is that real? Dang.


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