November 12, 2007

"Happy Anniversary, Baby..."

"...Got you on my mind." Today is Momma and Stew's 8th anniversary. Can you believe it? Momma is clearly some sort of saint (or is in dire need of a mental check-up). If you're like me, then you have suspicions that fleas have infiltrated your hindquarters, PLUS you're a huge fan of the Australian Little River Band, despite the fact you picture the two Australian dudes from Air Supply in your mind whenever somebody mentions "Little River Band" at a brunch or cocktail party. Get it? It's because you confuse the two Australian bands, both of which turned out some outstanding music (several decades ago). In turn, whenever someone mentions "Air Supply" at the aforementioned brunch or cocktail party, you picture Ace and Gary (better known as The Ambiguously Gay Duo). I know this has happened to you. Just admit it. Anyway, I was mentioning to Stew this afternoon that he should serenade Momma tonite by singing the Little River Band song, Happy Anniversary, to her. Stew declined my suggestion and pointed out to me that despite its title, Happy Anniversary is not a love song. Stew knows his Australian band trivia, so who am I to question him?

The symbol of an 8th Anniversary is bronze, but Stew didn't want to spend his allowance (Momma's money) on a gift. So, he decided against having a bronze bust of himself made and opted instead to make Momma a card on the computer. Now, this is just an observation on my part, and you might not agree with it, which is your perogative. But I'm thinking bronze is a very fitting symbol for this marriage. Hear me out. First there's Stew, who peaked - figuratively speaking - at the age of 12 years when he won Third Place (bronze) in the Pierre Area Punt, Pass & Kick competition. Then you've got Momma, who clearly could have done much better for herself had she worked just a little harder at finding a husband, yet she seems perfectly happy settling for Stew (a bronze figurine barely keeping afloat in a sea filled with much younger, smarter and stronger gold statues). Ain't love grand?

Sunday was Momma and Aunt Susan's Annual Pie Baking Day. Sometimes Aunt Veronica comes from Fargo to attend, but there was no sign of her (or her two weiner dogs, Theo and Tucker) this weekend. Earlier in the week, Grandma Judy had sent a cute little apron for Claire to wear. If you look closely enough at one of the following photos, you can see Claire's new upper teeth coming in. But for now, her bark is still worse than her bite.


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