December 20, 2007

Reading Is Fundamental... but a bit messy.

After yesterday's post, I feel it's critical I get back to blogging about the real star of this weblog: Claire. Don't get me wrong. I love my Uncle Kermit with all my heart, which is why I had to respond when I received his numerous, not-so-subtle cries for help. And help is on its way, Uncle Kermit! Hang in there (that goes double for Aunt Susan). For now, I need to move on and distance myself from your scroto-art links and videos of lonely German guys lipsyncing to Jamie Walters in their apartments. Consider yesterday's post an intervention of sorts, and now it's time for you to actually work when you're at your job instead of finding crap on the internet and emailing it to me.

Today, I found Claire reading in her room. It would seem she doesn't have quite enough books to keep her interested and/or entertained. By the time I found her, she must have read nearly every book on her bookshelf because she had them all piled up on the floor... as if she tossed each book aside after reading it. At least when she's in her room reading Claire isn't following me around the house attempting to tear my ears from my head. She can play a bit rough. At least I hope she's playing with me and not really trying to remove my ears.

In addition to reading and chasing me, we've learned that Claire enjoys having her teeth brushed. At last count, she had about 10 teeth, but there are probably a few more that we can't see. Plus, I've learned that Claire has inherited her Momma's morning breath gene. Anyone who has ever used the term "dog breath" to describe someone in a derogatory manner clearly hasn't encountered Momma's morning breath. I fear if I say more that I'll be banished from the house or have my TV privileges revoked by Momma, so I'll move on. I'm just saying Claire has quite the smelly breath in the morning. I tried giving her a greenie (a dog treat that strengthens teeth and freshens breath), but she didn't like it. Whatever.

Well, since I had Stew put a plug about my other (new) blog in The Stewart Family Barker Christmas newsletter, I suppose I should actually create the other blog. I've been working on it for weeks, and by "working on it" I mean "wishing I had never said anything about it". Now I've got to get the thing up and running by the time people get the newsletter. I purposely side tracked Stew today so that the newsletter won't get mailed until tomorrow. I convinced him the Bravo channel was running a The Real Housewives of Orange County marathon today, so he was glued in front of the television until around 3pm when he finally realized it wasn't going to happen. So, now Momma's "disappointed" in Stew because our Christmas cards and newsletters probably won't arrive at their destinations until after Christmas. But, it's not the first time Stew's disappointed Momma... and it won't be the last. Smell ya later...


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