April 25, 2008

Earth Day - Part 2

I'm still a bit shaken from yesterday. Although I've found a new friend in Pam, I'm still taken aback at the mysterious powers of the Internet. I'm also very concerned because how am I supposed to spread my venom via passive agressive rants if there's a chance the recipient of my yammering just might read my writings? A pusillanimous dog can only eat so much crow. Plus, I was fully prepared to write a lengthy diatribe about my evil ex-girlfriend, Fifi, but there's no way in heck I want that crazy bitch -- which I, of course, mean as "female dog" --showing up on our doorstep. She has a firearm permit AND voted for George Bush... TWICE. Yikes!

So, today, I'm just going to post some pictures of Claire helping me make mulch by feeding me sticks from the backyard. I'm including a few other photos of Claire taken over the past couple days on our back 40 (which is actually closer to .10 acres). She's just so darned cute that I can't resist sharing her photos with y'all. Enjoy!

Claire also LOVES to wear my dog harness that hangs by the back door. Momma and Stew call it my "bro", and you Seinfeld fans will understand the "bro" reference.


Anonymous 4:02 PM  


What is up with the off pink camo hat? Is this kid in ROTC? Seals? Delta Force?

You SAY she's a child but how do we know she isn't really some kind of midget counter terrorism expert in witness protection [or witless protection in Stew's case].


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