April 24, 2008

I love realtors!

Let me be clear. I love me some realtor! I respect and enjoyed meeting most of the realtors I've encountered in my life. And to any realtors - don't let my incessant barking at you fool you... it's just my way of saying "hello... please remove your shoes when you enter my doghouse." Frankly, I've never met a realtor I didn't like. Obviously, some of my faithful readers have had their own "issues" with their own realtors (thank God we don't live in Alaska). But Stew tells me sales is a difficult profession, and all sales fields are full of bad salespeople. Keep in mind, Stew was a manufacturer's representative for a high quality furniture maker that offered its goods at a modest price, so he's met plenty of salespeople in his lifetime. In fact, a majority of the furniture distributors (called "dealers") he dealt with were greedy, lying, whining weasels with whom he was forced to work. But the guy called "Bumper" out in Pierre, SoDak, was the exception to the rule (Stew made me write that just in case Bumper reads this).

Well, I have a confession to make. In light of recent events, my NEW favorite realtor (just behind our current agent) is... wait for it... Pamela Norman of Edina Realty! It turns out that one of you 4-5 blog readers either knows Ms. Norman and informed her of this recent post whining about her, OR one of you sneaks is posing as Ms. Norman in this recent comment (supposedly from Ms. Norman). If it's really from her, then I say "Bravo, Ms. Norman!" I appreciate your comment and the class you display be refraining from name-calling and/or personal attacks (which is my modus operandi). Rest assured I've forwarded your comment to my stewing handlers. And thank you for your kind comments about the appearance of our doghouse. However, let's not go nuts. In addition to my attempts to slowly kill off the backyard lawn over the winter with my acidic dog pee, those who know Stew know any upgrades he's made that involved the use of a hammer will not likely last through the summer. Plus, we're confident you or your client probably had to step over a dog hair fur ball that slowly tumbled across our living room floor when you entered the house. Regardless, I've got a big serving of crow awaiting me in my dog dish... plus a side of chopped spinach to keep my pee toxic. I hear Stew's thinking of doing some yard work this weekend if the rain/snow clears...

Ms. Norman, if that is your real name, please know that nobody actually reads this blog. Trust me. I've applied for "Professional Blogger" jobs only to be told "uh... thanks for your application, but nobody reads your blog so why do you think we'd hire you to write for us?" Plus, those who do read it either don't live in Minnesota or they have a personality disorder... or both. But I will gladly recommend your services to anyone out there looking to move to or within the Twin Cities area. And to those looking for a new home, don't be bad customers and make your realtor show you 30+ houses. Just buy the first available house you find and whine about all the problems later.


Pamela Norman 4:26 PM  

It really is me, Pamela Norman (you can call me Pam). Thanks for the new post. I appreciate your sense of humor. You're being very modest about your home. It was immaculate both times I saw it!!
I'll keep track of your sale progress on your blog. It's a "ruff" time to sell real estate right now.

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