April 10, 2008

Wanna buy a house?

Finally... the realtor (pictured here) showed up yesterday to shoot photos of the house. Of course, Stew was here to follow her around the house asking, "may I take your jacket... PLEASE?" We will officially be on the market on Friday, but don't tell the real estate sign company. They mounted a "For Sale" sign in our front yard over a week ago. So, we've had people driving up to our house, jumping out of their cars and running in our front yard to grab a brochure from the little box that sits atop the "For Sale" sign. Unfortunately for them, there are no brochures (yet). And, unfortunately for me, I can't get out the front door to chase them off my lawn. My lobbying efforts to have Stew install a doggie door in the front entry have gone unappeased. But I promise to get one good chunk out of the postal carrier before we move.

Anyway, Stew was up until 4:30am Wednesday morning (Tuesday night) finishing the walk-in closet in the basement (just painting, laying carpet, etc...). But, it turned out okay and just needs a little trim work. I won't post any pictures because some of you jokers might point out that the wall color (light blue) doesn't match the ceiling color (white). You know who you are. You are the same two people who pointed out the new white bathroom vanity upstairs doesn't match the window trim or linen closet door. But, you go try to find a (nice) vanity made out of brown 1950's era crapwood. Anyway, I'll post a link to our house pictures on Friday... after the realtor gets the house listed.

In the meantime, I leave you with a week's worth of Claire. Enjoy!

Claire's new spring jacket and her winter hat (she put the hat on all by herself)

Claire likes to wear Momma's summer hat (and sweatpants)

Claire wearing Stew's "these-make-me-look-young-and-hip-right?" shoes

Mmmmmmm... Claire can't get enough of her banana-apple smoothie

Ohhhhh... too much banana-apple smoothie

Grandma Helen sent Claire magnets made out of pictures of the SoDak farm animals. Here's Claire pointing at the gaggle of piglets...

And here Claire is about to point at the cow...

Claire has had enough of pointing at pictures and has decided to take her smoothie and go home... but since she's already home, she will simply walk back into the office and return to pointing at the computer screensaver while saying "baby" (everything Claire points at is labeled "baby")...

Sometimes we don't wear pants when we have our morning snack, and sometimes Claire likes to sniff her toes during snack time. Apparently, she thinks it's funny, but I promise to continue working on her comedic timing. Here, watch this: "Claire, come over here and pull my paw!"

But Claire's not falling for that old trick again...


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