April 11, 2008

Who wants a cookie?

Our house hit the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) today, and so did my beautiful mug! So, feel free to contact our realtor with all your requests for a tour of our doghouse. Scratch that -- just put a bid in now 'cause this place won't be on the market long. Not with all the exceptional work Stew's done in the basement. Oh, by the way, Stew asked me to say "screw you" to the two jokers who poked fun at the white vanity in the upstairs bathroom that doesn't match the 1950's brown crapwood trim around the window and the linen closet. Me thinks he's a bit sensitive about this subject...

Anyway, I'm posting some of the MLS photos... plus a few extra that show work Stew did that DIDN'T make the realtor's list of photos. For example, here's ANOTHER picture of the upstairs bathroom (after being "staged"). Aunt Dee (Rosemount) came over this past weekend to help Momma stage the house while Stew loaded up the big storage container in our driveway. I watched him haul stereo equipment, an extension cord, and a big ice chest into the container, but then I never saw him again for several hours. I'm fairly certain the cooler contained a case of Budweiser and the stereo equipment included "Dog Tracks Volumes 1-8" ... Stew's homemade CD's full of 1970's and 1980's era tunes. But, he still somehow managed to get the container "loaded" (pun intended). And here's a picture of the BEAUTIFUL walk-in closet in the basement. The closet didn't make the realtor photos either (mainly because there is still some trim work to be completed). And don't mind Claire... she's just walking around the basement holding the TV remote control, which is her favorite "toy" in the entire house. Well, unless you count the electrical outlet in the downstairs wall. It's apparently A LOT of fun sticking your tongue in the outlet. Psyche! Just kidding, Grandmas! We have all outlets covered by safety plugs, but Stew can't figure out how to get them off. Therefore, the house hasn't been vacuumed for about 6 months.

Here's the basement guest room Stew's been working on for the last five years. He put in the ceiling last summer, but only recently added the wall trim and built a window sill and put up the window trim and vertical blinds. And the other shot is taken from the guest room looking into the guest bathroom (and you can sort of see the walk-in closet). Stew added a locking bathroom door, so guests enjoying the Saturday morning newspaper while "taking care of bidness" no longer need to worry about a stray dog (or child) wandering into the bathroom unannounced. We still have some trim and floor thresholds to install. But, so far, no phone calls from interested buyers. I don't get it. The house has been on the market for close to eight hours. What's everyone waiting for?! Let's get crackin', folks!

Since you are supposed to bake chocolate chip cookies prior to any house showings, Momma gave Stew permission to buy a tub of cookie dough from Costco. So, Stew came home with a 50 gallon drum of Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough last week. Unfortunately, he has to go back this weekend to get more. You see, Momma and Stew have been "practicing" baking cookies every night since Stew arrived home with the dough.

Anyway, you can view more pictures here. And help us sell this place... Claire's excited to put up her new sign!


Mike Rios 11:09 PM  

Oh brother. Will you make up you mind. First you miss match the trim and vanity in the upstairs bathroom. Then you go and be all matchy matchy with it in the basement guestroom. I just don't know what to do with you. Good luck though. I hope it sell quickly.

Anonymous 8:43 AM  

At least you're baking the cookie dough. I always seem to eat 90% of the tub before getting any cookies baked.
The house looks great! Good luck!

Lily the Beagle 5:04 PM  

Okay, I have tried clicking on the link to your listing once a day for about a week now. So, clearly the problem isn't my lack of opposable thumbs, but a broken link. Please fix! I want to see your listing!!

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