June 07, 2008

A TV show by any other name...

Would undoubtedly still suck just as bad. Of course, I'm referring to The Bachelor... a television show where one lucky bastard gets to mate with something like 15-20 women over the course of just a couple weeks until just one "lady" remains. It's sort of like VH-1's Rock of Love (starring Bret Michaels of Poison fame), only without all the STD's, leather pants, headbands, hair extensions and overuse of the words awesome and cool in every sentence spoken on the show. Anyway, I caught The Bachelor marathon on VH-1 yesterday afternoon. You see, Claire fell asleep on the couch after lunch, so Stew and I were flipping through channels during Claire's nap and happened upon the marathon. We were so intrigued by the fact that this particular bachelor dude didn't seem to be a major league douchebag that we decided to watch... for the next six hours. When Momma arrived home from work, she teased us and called us "nerds", but both Stew and I were just so happy for Jesse and Jessica that we didn't care. Stew and I did find it odd that after just a few weeks, the guy and gals could fall head-over-heels in love with each other. Plus, it seems as if The Bachelor fella slept with (at least) the last three bachelorettes on the show, yet none of the "ladies" seemed to mind the fact that this dude was having a go with each of them. Throughout the show, Stew kept muttering "I could've been on this show back in the day..." And I'm assuming by "back in the day" Stew meant "before my 30 pound beer gut" or, more likely, "before everyone on television was attractive and interesting." Anyway, we never plan to watch The Bachelor ever again, but I could be wrong...

In other news, as my four faithful readers know, something HUGE is going to take place on Saturday, June 28th. Well, the said event now has a name: The FranDog 40 Fiasco. The name is derived from the following: FRAN (refers to my Uncle Franny) + DOG (refers to Stew's nickname of StewDog) + 40 (number of years ago that each fella was born) + FIASCO (a complete or humiliating failure). I'm not big into foreshadowing, but I think this name actually says it all. Stay tuned for more details yet to come...


Anonymous 5:29 AM  

Wow? No credit for coining the officia Fiasco logo. Throw me under the short bus. Not even a moan for Sir Blue Ledoux . I would love to do a live feed via computer for the Fiasco. Web cam would really reach the masses. I have video cam abilities. I 've also got two dogs $3 to 1, he makes bus nines sound check while Franny's down in the doritos. Send all bets to Bogarts email. How do you join Breners short bus driving over ellwanger blog. I'd send him fifty bucks. Chicken Feathers..........


Anonymous 10:36 AM  

Get rid of your [do it now] TV. It's sending [wear the tight t-shirt - it makes you look good - really - it does] you subliminal [put food on the floor] messages.

Seriously [no it isn't serious - yes, it is].

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