August 01, 2008

Dog tired

The lazy days of summer continue... Claire has a new wading pool, plus we've had a few more house showings in the last week. Therefore, I've been spending more time outside the house lately and less time at the blogging machine. That said, it's easier to just post stuff written by other people. For example, here's a clip from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart... also known as the place where I get most of my political news since the "real" news sources cannot be trusted to actually (gulp) report the news. I equate getting your news from the corporate media to getting your automotive maintenance done at the car dealership. In either scenario, you're getting sold a load of garbage you don't need. That's why I go to Jon Stewart. He's my favorite neighborhood grease monkey (no offense to any grease monkeys out there who are offended by the term "grease monkey"). Please enjoy the clip!


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