September 18, 2008

We're movin' on up, Weezie!

...but not to a deluxe apartment in the sky. Although, if Stew insists on chugging a large iced mocha each morning (made with whole milk and extra chocolate syrup), the thickening of his arteries will likely force him into a lease sooner than expected. Anyway, inquiring minds want to know where we will be moving on October 24th... and by "inquiring minds" I mean "Professor Mike Rios" (aka "Super Fan of the Dog Blog"). Well, here are some clues to the name of the 'burb where we'll be moving to: 1) the first inhabitants of this community are believed to have been Mound Builders... yikes! 2) The Dakota Sioux refer to this region as The Big Woods. 3) In the early 1800's, Jean-Baptiste Faribault established a trading post here (primarily to trade squirrel pelts). 4) In a 2007 national poll, this town was named The 8th Best City in the United States. Finally, 5) the town was obviously named after the theme song to the hit Bollywood movie, Kyaa Kool Hai Hum (English translation: We Are So Cool) - a movie about Karan Pandey and Rahul, two friends who work in a fashion designers office and live in a rented apartment. Unable to pay their rent, the two are evicted and hilarity ensues when they sneak back into the building. It's sort of like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure meets Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle... but without all the weed.

Yes, you guessed it, we're moving to Chaska, Minnesota... the county seat of Carver County... a town of 17,449 people. No census data exists as to the number or rogue squirrels, but I suspect they are plentiful due to the aforementioned Big Woods and squirrel pelt trading references. I'm told we were hoping to move into either the Edina, Minnetonka or Wayzata school districts. But, as Stew put it, "Hello... Minnetonka... the 1980's called, and it wants all it's over-priced houses back!" I guess this means the houses in our price range that are located in Minnetonka require more updating than we want to perform (and I don't think Momma wants to wait another eight years for Stew to complete a remodeling project). But, there are whopping big houses in Chaska on large lots that are only about 10-15 years old. To prove my point, I leave you with some pictures of my new bathroom that Stew thinks he's going to use as a Bocce and Lawn Golf playfield. Boy, I cannot wait to destroy this grass with my toxic urine. Cheers!
And here's one of Claire getting ready to drive Stew to school yesterday...


Mike Rios 10:25 AM  

Wow, the house looks great. And I don't see the shadow of the Death Star in any of those pictures. Great choice. The yard looks huge. Sharpen your mower blade and have fun. I hear that Chaska is full of squirrels so hopefully there are some local dogs willing to fight for your crazy cause. Good luck in your new home. Mike

Anonymous 2:13 PM  

Sooo much grass Stewie. Will your tractor dreams finally be fulfilled?

Anonymous 7:36 PM  

Welcome to the Republican Party comrade. Soon you too will be bailed out.

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