October 23, 2008

Fear Factor

I know what you're thinking - wasn't that brilliant blogging dog supposed to be packing up his PC and moving to Chaska? Well, yes... but not after one final blog posting for the week. You see, if you're like me, then you're in dire need of some major toe nail clipping action. Plus, you're absolutely FED UP TO HERE (picture me waving my paw back and forth in front of my forehead) with the ignorance and/or narrow-mindedness of many people in this country... some of whom have managed to find their way into Congress and other high levels of leadership. And while you might think I'm talking about Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid (two Democrats who have no business running their respective chambers of Congress), I'm of course talking about the bat-shit crazy U.S. Representative from Minnesota's Sixth District - Michelle Bachmann (the attractive woman on the far right who is absolutely nutso!). I mentioned her in my Sept 30th blog posting, but I figured only a few of my Minnesotan readers would have any idea of who she is. Well, she's finally managed to make an ass of herself on a national level by stating Senator Obama - as well as many other members of Congress - have anti-American views and should be investigated by the (liberal elite) media. Really? Seriously? I guess there's nothing more anti-American than running for President of the United States. Who knew?

Unfortunately, it's not just Representative Bachmann who has earned my ire. No, indeed, it's most of the entire Right Wing neo- conservatives. You know, the folk who think that anyone whose opinion differs from theirs is an unpatriotic communist anti-American who hates God. The ones who would gladly vote for George Bush again if they could because they think he's "moral". Well, he says he talks to God, so I guess that technically makes him moral. Anyway, these are the people who think we're all gonna die and/or go to hell if Obama is elected because he's a socialist, terrorist, muslim, radical or __________ [insert any scary word here because you can't really say what you mean... "black"]. And in Joe the Plumber's case, a guy without the sense to realize the Republican agenda of
Trickle-down Economics has done nothing for him while at the same time has managed to create an entire new class of people - the super rich (can you say "income redistribution"?). So let me get this straight - you WANT the super rich to continue getting tax cuts instead of yourself? Okay... that makes sense. And by the way, Joe, you'd actually fare better under Obama's tax plan if you spent as much time studying its details as you do calling press conferences and doing interviews. You find these "real Americans" everywhere, but usually at Sarah Palin rallies and/or Klan meetings (and occasionally at a McCain rally, but only if Governor Palin is there as an opening act). Apparently these "real Americans" live in "real America". And where exactly is "real America"? Well, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart hit it out of the park recently when they addressed this very question.

And here's a real glimpse inside the real America that is Wasilla, Alaska. I particularly enjoy the interview with the current Mayor of Wasilla (who was previously Deputy Mayor to Sarah Palin). It's obvious that being a small town mayor really prepares one to answer tough questions...

And if I've offended anyone, then I say "ditto" on Mr. Stewart's closing remarks...


Anonymous 2:55 PM  

If there is any justice in heaven, then Milton Friedman is slowly roasting on a spit in hell.

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