December 31, 2008

See ya next year...

Tomorrow morning we're heading north to spend a few days with eight other humans and four dogs at Ten Mile Lake Resort. We rent their Saddleback Lodge that sleeps somewhere between 10 - 235 people. I assume I won't be barking at you for a few days, so have a fabulous New Year's Eve day. As for me, I plan a repeat performance of last year by spending the next four days napping beside Momma and Claire while Stew attempts to break his own record for how quickly he can annoy the other humans with his storytelling. You see, a Stewart is incapable of telling a story without wandering off on eight or nine tangents (thereby never actually completing the original story). Most of Stew's stories start out with "Did I ever tell you about the time in high school when I..." So, the stories are usually entirely made-up and always end one of two ways: 1) with Stew running from the cops, or 2) with Stew winning the "big game" by sinking a free throw with no time left on the clock. But one thing I've noticed about Stew's stories over the years is that he never gets the girl in the end... so perhaps they aren't entirely made-up after all?

Anyway, if you plan to celebrate tonight, then don't do anything Stew would do... otherwise, you'll either end up in jail or incredibly embarrassed. Probably both. But if you get the chance to knead the dough, then by all means go for it! That's for you, SmitHead.

I leave you with a picture from last year when Claire did her best Nick Nolte mugshot impersonation... HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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