April 22, 2009

Drill, Baby... Drill!

Wanna see Russia from your house? Well, now you can! My cousin Sir Blue LeDeux and his family are selling their authentic Alaskan log home, plus 1.24 acres of ocean front property. Enjoy a telescopic view of Mt. Redoubt, Mt. Iliamna, and Mt. Augustine on the edge of the Cook Inlet on the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. All serious bids will be considered, including a possible home trade in order to get these fine folks back to the Midwest (where they belong)... but they'll also consider a trade from any exciting locale. HERE's a link to more information. And just think... after just 18 months of living here, you too will have enough foreign policy experience to run for Vice President of the United States! I think the picture below is a photo of Russia from the log home's front stoop (but don't quote me on that). These are just two beautiful views that remind me of why Earth Day is so special. Can you imagine how much oil and coal we'd find if we'd only tear down those mountains?
In other news, I'm still in shock over the fact the Miss USA "controversy" is still news worthy enough to be running again on morning cable news shows (and I only watch about 30 minutes of television in the mornings, so it's just ridiculous they're still talking about it). And, yes, I do see the hypocrisy of this statement since I too am still blogging about this story. But I will not be outdone by Fox News! Speaking of which... Fox News' Chief Douchebag in Charge of Inciting the Far Right Lunatics, Sean Hannity, even interviewed Miss California last night... basically just drooling all over himself and telling her what a great American and Christian she is for standing up for her beliefs. At one point I think she even said that her answer "had a rocky start..." Adding, "But I pulled it together at the end and said what I feel, so it's sad I'm being punished for my beliefs." I'm still holding out hope that Donald Trump (owner of the Miss Universe Pageant, which owns Miss USA) will step forward and say something like, "Miss California is a terrific girl. I think she's great, and I think it's great that she stands for something as terrific as opposite marriage. But let's face it. She never actually answered the question presented to her. Plus, she babbled like a complete idiot and didn't show an ounce of poise. And if I were a judge, I'd have to tell her 'You're fired!'" So let's go Donald... I know your pageant gets more publicity by allowing this story to drag on and on and on, but enough already!

Finally... Claire made out like a bandit with the Easter Bunny this year... not to mention with lots of cool gifts from her grandmas, aunts and great aunts. Below are some pictu
res of Claire modeling her Easter outfit, and in a couple of the photos she's holding her little green teddy bear that Sister Gertrude (Claire's great aunt) got for her.


Anonymous 8:43 AM  

Where are the "big trucks", "tractors", and "cows"?

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