May 05, 2009

WTF (What the Fox)?

I'm in shock. I actually found something from the Fox News Channel that I could watch without wanting to jab a sharp stick into my eyes. I recently found a video clip of a story done last month by the Fox & Friends Weekend crew... a group as equally unlikable as the weekly "Friends" cast, except I only have to see these clowns once a week. Anyway, it's a nice little story about stay-at-home dads that might provide a little more insight into what goes on inside the head of a guy who stays home with his daughter (and already suffers from low self-esteem and an extraordinary fear-of-what-others-think-about-him anxiety disorder). Unfortunately, Stew is so anti-social that I doubt he'll ever join a "Daytime Daddy" club like the one shown in the story... although he is open to hanging out with Mike and Marin at the park (he just won't pick up the phone to call them, though).

Anyway, I'm keeping my eye on the Animal Planet channel for an equivalent fluff piece about the psychological effects child rearing has on a stay-at-home dog. In the meantime, here's the little news story from my friends at Fox & Friends Weekend...

And here's a clip from the workout tape Stew's been using in pursuit of his goal to drop 10 pounds by June 1st. Note: Since we don't have an infant around here for some of the exercises, Stew uses a big pot roast instead.


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