June 19, 2009

Inquiring minds want to know

Well, we've been rather busy around here lately. Last week, we had our main level painted by "professionals" because Stew cannot be counted on to complete any sort of home improvement project on time (remember how it took him eight years to finish a basement bedroom w/ bath in our last house?). So, since we had a painting crew in the house, Claire and Stew spent a couple days exploring area lakes while I was locked in the mud room like some sort of criminal (and notice the empty food dish in the corner... I'm lucky if Stew even feeds me in the morning). I'm confident the painters would learn to love my incessant barking and growling at them, but I wasn't even given the chance. Perhaps I should find a way to be labeled a terrorist so I could go live in Bermuda (note to self: contact Fox News to do a fearful story about me). Anyway, Stew gave me some pics of Claire playing in various parks and cruising around Lake Harriet in her jogging stroller (which should be renamed a labored-breathing-while-walking stroller when Stew's in charge of navigation). I'll post the pics at a later date, but here's a little of what you can expect to see.

In the meantime, Claire has entered the stage of development where every other question out of her mouth is, "What's this, Papa... what's this?" I must hear this question no less than 172 times per day (212 times if she skips her nap). And after Momma gets home from work, the question morphs into, "What's this, Momma... what's this?" Regardless of who gets asked the question, the answer is invariably always "Bogey's dog hair". Apparently I have a shedding problem, although I think it's only natural. Although I admit I'd be a much happier dog if I didn't have this shedding problem, not to mention the occasional itching I must endure, so I did a little research.

That's when I discovered Dinovite.
Did you know that healthy dogs, no matter their breed, DON'T shed year 'round? Did you know that dogs should not stink, itch and scratch all day and all night? I learned dogs (and pesky cats) seasonally shed twice a year, as opposed to every couple hours like I prefer to do. Side note: cat shedding can be cured by slow cooking Tabby in a 200 degree oven for eight hours... trust me - it works - and you'll be glad you did it! Anyway... luckily, I don't stink, except when I decide to roll around in something nasty when out for a walk with Claire. You see, commercial dog food is cooked at extremely high temperatures, which destroys many of the delicate nutrients I need to be healthy. Basically, I'm walking around in a slight state of malnourishment, missing things like delicate vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, beneficial bacteria, essential fatty acids... and only on "good" days when Stew remembers to feed me! Excessive shedding, itchy skin and stink are usually signs of a nutritional deficiency. Fill in this gap, solve the problem.

So, I went to www.dinovite.com and completed a custom solution guide (HERE) to find out what Dinovite products are right for me. I'm a large breed dog who eats a meat-based dog food,
so my customized solution will likely differ from, say, one of my wiener dog comrades from the Land of Fargo. So if you are constantly chasing your dog around the house with a vacuum... or your dog is scratching all day and night... or your dog stinks beyond belief, I encourage you to visit the Dinovite solutions center and pick up a nutritional supplement.

The products come with a 90-day guarantee, and I look forward to the day Claire points at me and asks, "What's this, Papa... what's this?" and Stew answers, "Why that's your happy, healthy, incredibly talented blogging dog who no longer sheds excessively!"



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